My bug out bag.

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  1. Texasfreedomfighter

    Texasfreedomfighter New Member

    I have assembled my BOB and i would like some suggestions on what to add to it. Currently it is in my big backpacking pack and the items in it are
    1 Sierra Designs rain jacket
    trash bags
    2 whistles
    marking tape
    cash (35$)
    1 roll of nickels
    folding saw
    7 glow sticks
    1 2 gallon water bag
    2 vinyl ponchos
    100 ft 550 cord
    bug repellent
    35 ft nylon rope
    2 space blankets
    2 candles
    camo facepaint
    folding shovel
    first aid kit
    one man Hubba tent from MSR
    tube tent
    6x8 poly tarp
    ground tarp for Hubba tent
    toliet paper
    pyrex bowl
    streamlight stylus pro (AAA)
    streamlight 4 AA
    streamlight PT 2L
    Petzl headlight
    12 AA's
    33 AAA's
    Katadyn hiker pro water filter
    sewing kit
    Aluminum foil
    duct tape
    knife sharpener
    2 razor blade's
    small pliers
    fishing gear
    9 compressed sawdust fire tinder
    2 ferrocium rod's
    7 Wetfire tinder cubes
    cotton balls
    magnifying glass
    I am planning buying a case of MRE's for food within the next two weeks
    I also have 5.8 ounces of silver as well. anything i should add, i am 17 so a gun is at least a year away.
  2. SmithKid308

    SmithKid308 New Member

    If you ever have to bug out then your compass and other small items should be carried on person

  3. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver New Member

    OK, I gots to know! What are you going to do with the roll of nickles???:confused:

    Also not sure how good of an idea the pyrex bowl is. They make camping gear out of metal that might be a better idea.

    Try to keep your gear to about 40lbs. Much more than that and it won't be practical for long distance travel.
  4. knfxda

    knfxda New Member

    This hardly seems enough.
    This one needs an explanation. Why not quarters? :D
    Why not lose the small pliers and bring a good multi-tool?
    This is probably the most important thing in the bag and needs to be explained/itemized.
    OK princess! :D Kidding. Include Wet Ones or similar wipes.
    Odd Choice. Heavy and breakable. Unless you plan on braining someone with it.
    Why doesn't anyone ever pack hand-cranked flashlights and radios?
    Razor blades are cheap, small, and dull easier than you think. Pack more.

    Add a pair of utility/work gloves. Also I'm assuming that you have a retractable razor blade cutter to go with your razor blades. You might want to consider water treatment pills/system as well.
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  5. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    couple of rolls of hard candy (lifesavers) for calories.

    Lose the multiple lights and batteries. Get a squeeze light from KMart.

    Leatherman tool to replace some of the others.

    GOOD hacksaw blade.

    GOOD first aid. Include Immodium caplets. Bad water= bad case of diarehhea- which can kill you.

    Small bottle of water treatment tabs (backup for the filter) and a canteen. Add canteen cup, lose the bowl.

    stocking cap. Cheap, light, small. Heat loss from head is a major problem in cool weather.

    If a firearm is not possible yet due to age (even if it IS possible) add a keychain sized OC Pepper spray.
  6. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    I noticed this deficiency in mine, too: MATCHES. There are a lot of firestarters in your pack, but not the most obvious and easiest.

    I heard it said that, since the most probably reason for bug-out is a local disaster, one should have enough cash for a plane flight for all members of your family. Chances are, a bug-out situation won't be because of the total collapse of society.

    I have a few thousand dollars in cash for this reason.

    Do ya'll think the nickels are to have in hand during combat? I'd shoot a guy before pulling out a roll of nickels. Maybe his bug-out location is in Las Vegas!:eek:
  7. Texasfreedomfighter

    Texasfreedomfighter New Member

    Do ya'll think the nickels are to have in hand during combat? I'd shoot a guy before pulling out a roll of nickels. Maybe his bug-out location is in Las Vegas!:eek:[/QUOTE]

    They're in there for pay phones.
  8. shadamai

    shadamai New Member

    I was wondering about the nickels, too.

    That seems like an awful lot of batteries...I carry a lot of camera gear and I know they can get heavy...
  9. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    Nope, swing and a miss.

    1) If that were true, he'd have dimes because of the double in value and half in weight. Or quarters.

    2) That's only $2. How far would 2 bucks go on the phone?

    Not logical. Good try, though. Keep it up, Tex. It's good to have new members.

    EDIT: Oops, this is the OP talking. I can't call his own answer illogical. How about I say it this way: Tex, you ought to go with a roll of dimes for that purpose!
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  10. Comeswithbacon

    Comeswithbacon New Member

    Oh and when you turn 18, two boxes of .22lr
    I prefer hollow point.:cool:
  11. Texasfreedomfighter

    Texasfreedomfighter New Member

    Next year for my birthday i plan on buying a Ruger 10/22 and 5000 rounds of .22lr.
  12. Seven

    Seven New Member

    Don't forget a couple single packs of Imodium.
    I haven't seen a commercial FAK that comes with them.
    You can find them at most any convenience store for $1.


    Nothing sucks worse than being miles out in the woods on a camping trip and get hit with a bug.
    Ask me how I know. :eek:
  13. Comeswithbacon

    Comeswithbacon New Member

    ehhh good choice, but there is something better. Your username is Texasfreedomfighter so i would guess that you live in texas, well if you do live in texas go to a gun show. There is one a month in almost every county, see if you can find a .22lr and 12 (or 20) gauge combo's like $125-$170