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    from top to bottom:
    colt SP1 bought it NIB back in 1985 with scope from a tiny little gunstore in my home town. it was my very first centerfire rifle. prolly why the AR has always had a special place for me.

    my newest hunting rifle 458 socom from RRA its got a 1x4 nikon monarch african with german #2 reticle

    i bought this dpms panther for my wife as her oh sht rifle. she picked it out for the collapsable stock

    Ruger SR556 bought when they came out so its got the screw on flas hider. very sweet shooter. kinda heavy. its got a leupold cqt mk4

    lastly not a gun yet and may never be. its a eagle arms armalite lower. lent a guy in college 20$ for gas he paid me back with the lower. have yet to find a upper that will work with it. its got a dpms parts kit in it, im prolly gonna strip it for spares some day. i am thinking i lost 20$ on the deal...


    close up of the colt 4x scope. took the scope to the army with me and my unit let me use on range days that were not qualification ranges. heh it got a lot of use. lots of fun.

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    Nice collection....and I think you still got the better deal on the 20 bucks.

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    If nothing else, you could probably sell the lower on gunbroker for more than $20.