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    Hey guys, being new and in the process of building my first AR, I don't have a lot to go on regarding muzzle devices. I have done my share of reading, and video watching etc, and have realized that what i'm looking for is something more of a hybrid muzzle, not just a brake, not just a flash hider. My philosphy of use will be target shooting for now, but would like to try some tactical run and gun / three gun to see if I like it as much as I think I will. I can see the benifit to using a brake in three gun, since i don't know the rules, not sure what is allowed and or not allowed. But getting back on point, it seems like a balance between a good brake and being so good it throws a pile of dirt into your eyes and gun if you are shooting prone on a side etc.

    What muzzle device would you recommend based on what I have stated above?

    I don't want to blow peoples ears out through ear protection at the range either :) Or, maybe that isn't a concern eh? :)

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Screw other people's hearing, they should have ear protection too. I'm not sure about competition rules ,but the PWS FSC556 is a hybrid muzzle device. I have all PWS muzzle devices and love them. I got the FSC556, the CQB 556, and the FSC30 for a 7.62 build

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    IMHO, I just installed a BCM Gunfighter Mod 1 on a 14.5" barrel and have been quite happy. Just remember not tighten the heck out of it, since you don't want to distort the last part of the barrel / bullet contact area. And I'm afraid all the muzzle devices I've tried are louder... it does seem to help if the blast / concussion is directed towards the front rather than the back. This is an example of one that is great at recoil reduction... but annoying as hell to use..

    My friend has one of these and shooting next to him sucks.
    While it is a good brake...The blast is VERY noticeable.

    BCM Gunfighter Mod 1

    BCM also makes a shorter one.
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    AR15 Muzzle Device Review

    I will add that I have recently purchased a Battlecomp 2.0. It is the same as the 1.0 but doubles as a QD mount for supressors. It is a jack of all trades type MD. It s good brake, good compensator, good flash supressor, and its not too blasty.

    The best overall brake imho is the Surefire MB556k. This a favorite of mine but its really really loud and blasty. Not great for night shooting either.

    The best compensator imho is the Ares Armor Effin-A. Its does need a lot of tinkering to get right tho. Not for everyone.

    A compensator's main focus is control muzzle rise by vectoring gases. Most MDs have ports on the top to do this.

    A good brake reduces recoil, usually characterized by ports/vent/gaping holes on its side to vector gases out the sides and rearwards. In reducing recoil it makes muzzle control much easier and reduces the amount of effort needed to control the muzzle.
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    It's a 5.56 x 45. Really a glorified 22 wmr. Just put a decent flash hider on the barrel so you don't stuff the barrel full of mud. You don't have any recoil or muzzle jump to tame.
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    I agree with you, the recoil on an AR15 is not a lot. But the muzzle does jump around a bit, making controls pairs or rapid fire difficult to stay on target.

    Brake and compensators make a world of difference.
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    Since you want a compromise, and assuming a 16" barrel, why not start with the A2 birdcage? It's cheap and walks the tightrope quite well. Try it out along with ARs with other muzzle devices and make the decision after you've done comparisons. Myself, I'm satisfied with the A2 flash hider.

    Now if you're in a situation where you must get something pinned and welded, then that presents a problem. Do your comparisons beforehand I guess.
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