muzzle brake on .308?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by n_andonovski, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. n_andonovski

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    I have Tikka T3 Lite in .308.
    ive shot it at the range, love the rifle, not a huge fan of the recoil-it is managable, but i wouldnt mind a bit less.
    ive been looking into getting a muzzle brake made up and fitted.
    are they worth the money? do they really make that big of a difference? is the reduced recoil a fair trade for the increase in noise?

  2. FirstBubba

    FirstBubba New Member

    For what it's worth!

    Is it worth the money? It's your money, it that what you want to spend it on?
    I've never shot a rifle with a muzzle brake! I have been around when rifles with muzzle brakes were being fired!
    NO amount of recoil would make me want a rifle with a muzzle brake!! I'll buy a lighter caliber or attempt to increase the weapons weight! JMO!!


  3. greydog

    greydog Member

    The muzzle brakes are very effective and would be quite effective on a 308. The noise increase, to the shooter, is significant. If you are wearing hearing protection, it is no big deal but in the field, with no protection, it's too much IMO. It is possible to remove the brake for hunting as long as the cap, installed in place of the brake, weighs near the same as the brake. This way, point of impact with and without the brake is near the same. GD
  4. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Muzzle breaks work. They don't make you any friends on the range though. I try to avoid idiots with muzzle breaks as much as possible.

    My first stop would be to for a pachmyer decelerator pad.

    Pachmayr at MidwayUSA

    these are grind to fit and might want a gunsmith to fit it.
  5. dog2000tj

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    My AR10 has no break or flash hider, I like it just the way it is. My Ar15 came NY complaint so it has a pinned break on the barrel. I'm no expert on this, but i believe the Ar15 is louder at the range than my Ar10.

    When I get the chance next to bring both to the range I'm going to make note of it. If the AR15 is louder, than I'll be swapping out the break for a flash hider asap.
  6. Fisherking

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    I have a break on my M1A clone and I use it for hunting., The recoil was never an problem because it is a heavy gun but using a scope the follow up shot are faster.
    My 2 cents