MUST SEE - NEW STYLE BLADE! Handmade "Thor" Blade Knife with Great Elk Antler Handle

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  1. rp50817

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    Thor is a new, eye-catching extreme design. It's unique front guard enables its user to safely put two fingers on either side of it. The guard's shape is symbolic of a railway tie. The look and feel of the knife is like Thor's hammer.
    * Knife measures 12 1/4-inches long over all.
    * 6 1/2-inch blade has a 5 1/2-inch cutting surface and is 1 5/8 inches at its widest point.
    * Blade, attached bolster and guard fabricated from 440c high carbon stainless steel with a mirror finish with extreme weather endurance.
    * Tang deeply inserted and permanently attached with industrial strength epoxy to elk antler handle.
    * Handle has been specially treated, finely sanded, polished and fitted with a fancy wooden end cap.
    I recently got a deal on elk antlers so this knife is bargain priced at $75, plus $8 Priority Mail shipping. I will arrange to have a custom, handmade leather sheath crafted for it if you so desire. I don't know what the sheath would cost, maybe $30 - $35, but it would be the color of your choice with the type of tooling/carving you want.
    Thanks for looking. Let me know your opinions on this blade, the handle or knife.
    Best regards,

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  2. Firearms4ever

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    That is probably the most gorgeous knives I've ever seen. The craftmanship of it looks superb.

  3. rp50817

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    Thanks for your approval

    I also like the new style blade. I couldn't wait to make the knife. I bought an extra steel blank for another blade just in case.
  4. Hawg

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    I'm not thrilled with the bolo looking blade but I like the handle and guard.