Multiple uses for pork sausage

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by opaww, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I was in IGA earler this month and bought 4 1lb rolls of Old South sausage, The flavor is real good and it has enough pork fat to make great sausage gravy. After I pat them out and get them cooking I wash off most of the sausage fat but leave some and rub it into my hands, it helps keep my hands moist and soft.

    The other added value is that when Bob down the street introduces me to one of his mooooslim friends I shake hands with them and they will almost always put their finger in their mouths or nose at some point. And they get tainted with pork fat and if they die as a suicide bomber they will not go to heaven
  2. jon1992d

    jon1992d New Member

    Ha! How's about sharing some pictures of whatever they end up as!

  3. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    Where do you live that you still have an IGA, I haven`t seen a IGA in years. The IGA we went to when I was a kid is now a Car Quest...............
  4. vincent

    vincent New Member

    Opaww's in the holler...I mean Kentucky...;)

    We still have them here in NC too...:cool:
  5. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I live in the big city outside Fort Knox, we got 49,999 people to many for my liking. Now my granddaughter lives out in the country side and the sun has not reached there yet
  6. TimL2952

    TimL2952 New Member


    Interesting post until you revealed yourself to be an ignorant and bigoted redneck.

    I can't believe you can get away with posts like this. Reported for blatant racism
  7. opaww

    opaww New Member

    Go fu_k yourself Moooslim is not a race. SO it can not be racists
  8. stratrider

    stratrider New Member

    I'd shake ur hand Opaww and eat some sausage with ya!
  9. KG7IL

    KG7IL Well-Known Member

    I am tolerant and respect your opinion.

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  10. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member

    It is all good Opaww. I have learned from my past. Boo hoo to all the bleeding heart liberals, who believe the Muslims are just misunderstood while pointing AKs or planting bombs. When **** continues to happen all the time, your forgiveness starts to fade. These cockroaches have tried to kill or injure friends, love ones and myself in the past. So..those who are hating on me, please excuse my ****ing, redneck ignorant ***.
  11. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Alright, guys. I deleted some posts here. And I'm closing the thread until it can be reviewed by the other Mods and Admin.
  12. notdku

    notdku Administrator Staff Member

    Here's how I see this. Is it racist? Well technically no, but it does show a lack of tolerance to Muslims and Islam in general.

    I've said many times, we need everyone we can to fight the grab for our guns. If you don't think their after our guns you need to wake up.

    Statements like the one in question would run off a good percentage of a community that does not see themselves as any different than every other religion in terms of respect earned in the American social sphere. We are a country that reflects tolerance and understanding to other ways of life, to the point where we have a giant statue in a harbor that reads " "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore"

    and that includes Muslims. We can't pick and choose. Either we are a land of liberty and equality or we are not.

    I like to think we are.

    I'm a gun loving redneck and I'm proud of it. That does not mean I cannot practice tolerance as I shoot, dip, and generally be loud. It just means that sometimes I have to bite my lip, and I'm asking for that to be done if you don't have anything nice to say about any religion on
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