Multiple rifles in the same caliber - what's the point?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Beezer, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Beezer

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    I have 2 Remington 30-06's. One is a 700 bolt action and the other is a 742 Woodsmaster semi-automatic.

    I'm fairly new to gun ownership and shooting. Is there a good reason for keeping 2 guns of the same caliber?

    I ask because I am considering selling the semi-automatic to outfit the bolt-action rifle. The bolt-action will be used mostly for target shooting and hunting.
  2. 303tom

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    A lot of shooters on the line & only 1 ammo !..............

  3. string1946

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    Welcome to FTF. I'm not that far from you. I'm about 40 miles south of Athens. Personally I don't let any of my guns go unless its a last resort. I have sold a few years ago when I needed the money more than I needed the gun but no more as I have always regreted it. Have you checked the price of guns in general. They seem to be a pretty good investment. I just went to the man vault and checked and as an example I have 15 rifles and 9 handguns chambered for 22 lr and none of them are for sale. If you NEED the money thats one thing but if you can scrape it up from somewhere else thats the way I would go. Your mileage may vary. Ok theres one opinion. I'm sure you will get more.
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  4. TLuker

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    Bolt actions tend to be more accurate and better suited for longer range shooting as a result. Semi's offer faster follow up shots but give up a little accuracy. If you start hunting you could set up the bolt action for long range shooting and the 742 for the woods and closer ranges. That would be nice because then you would only need to buy one caliber of bullet and you would have a good rifle set up for each situation. It also gives you a backup rifle if needed. :)
  5. jjfuller1

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    ive only sold 1 gun, and i wish i hadnt. keep them as long as you can. you never know when you may like one more than the other in the future, and who knows maybe down the road you will need one for a child to shoot or use.... i have 2 semi auto .223s... and i want 2 more :)
  6. hardluk1

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    Personally the 742 is not one of remmy's best rifles. They did have some design flaws with bolt extraction problems. Personally If you travel in distance to hunt it is nice to have a backup along just encase. Caliber wise the 06 is a good one so decide with you have other types of hunting you like to do. Coyotes and other smaller ground critters?? A 25 cal would be nice from 243win or 257 Roberts up to a 257weathby as they can still be used for larger thin skin game. Nice to have an option of ammo too. If you do sell pick up another 700 bolt rifle as the feel will be mostly the same Less parts needed to fix ether one down the road. Even a nice used rifle will warn but well maintained can be a deal .
  7. KG7IL

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    First, 30-06 is a common caliber, nothing wrong with that.

    Second, one rifle is a great bolt action, the other is something different so you aren't really duplicating in my mind.

    Third, It's good to avoid selling any gun. It is not worth any future regrets. It's something that's not impossible to undo, but why risk it.

    Fourth, Unless money is a real problem, you'll find that putting a few bucks aside and watching the sales on your desired items is more fun than saying goodbye to a gun.

    I have a Fifth, but that is a secret.
  8. Rick1967

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    I have a Savage 110 left handed 30-06. I also have a Remington 770 in 30-06. When my son and I go looking for Elk it is nice not to be worrying about making two different handloads or remembering who is shooting what.
  9. chloeshooter

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    I used to have the 742 and I let it go due to jamming issues. It was a 30-06 as is my Remy 700. I think 30-06 is a great round and I would not hesitate to have multiples in that caliber.
  10. sputnik1988

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    I've sold/traded 3 guns. My Taurus Pt1911 which I regretted and was able to get back later, a Beretta 96 which I regret and haven't gotten back and a Sig P226 which was too recent to tell if I'll regret, but it didn't really fit me anyway.

    As said multiple times, don't get rid of anything that you can avoid.

    I have a Garand in 30-06 and wouldn't hesitate to buy another rifle in that caliber.
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