Multiple rifle sales?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Highpower, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Highpower

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    Just got this in an email from a vendor. I haven't tried to check it out yet but was wondering if anyone else has heard this? :confused:

  2. JonM

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    sounds bs'ish to me. they already got a list of everyone who legally buys a firearm now. its that little form you fill out when you buy a gun legally from a dealer.

  3. Highpower

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    You do know that is a current regulation with handguns right?

    Why would it be BS with long guns? :confused:
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    Fact!!! Has been for years.
  5. Phelenwolf

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    I recieved an email from J&G Sales about this very thing.

    Here is the link that was sent to me by J&G Sales

    ATF to Require Multiple Sales Reports for Long Guns | NSSF Blog

    about the sale of multiple rifle sales.

    Here is the email

    Dear J&G Customer,
    This is a special notice to warn you of impending new gun regulation. The ATF has proposed to require gun dealers to provide directly to the ATF the names, addresses, and serial numbers for every purchase of two or more semi auto, mag fed rifles within a five day period!! They are trying to force this in by January 5th, without any approval from Congress, calling it a needed "emergency" regulation. This is backdoor registration of guns and gunowners.
    Here is a quote from the notice by the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) regarding this burdensome and illegal move:

    "The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is moving to require federally licensed firearms retailers to report multiple sales of modern sporting rifles beginning January 5, 2011. Specifically, the ATF requirement calls for firearms retailers to report multiple sales, or other dispositions, of two or more .22 caliber or larger semi-automatic rifles that are capable of accepting a detachable magazine and are purchased by the same individual within five consecutive business days."
    We are encouraging everyone to contact the relevant officials to protest this move. The office that approves regulation changes like this that bypass Congress is the Office of Information and Regulation affairs of the DOJ and they can be reached at 202-395-6466. You can call your Senator and Representative at the US Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

    The NSSF offers the following points to make when calling

    "Multiple sales reporting of long guns will actually make it more difficult for licensed retailers to help law enforcement as traffickers modify their illegal schemes to circumvent the reporting requirement. Traffickers will go further underground, hiring more people to buy their firearms. This will make it much harder for retailers to identify and report suspicious behavior to law enforcement."
    "Long guns are rarely used in crime (Bureau of Justice Statistics)."
    "Imposing multiple sales-reporting requirements for long guns would further add to the already extensive paperwork and record-keeping requirements burdening America’s retailers – where a single mistake could cost them their license and even land them in jail."
    "Last year, ATF inspected 2,000 retailers in border states and only two licenses were revoked (0.1%). These revocations were for reasons unknown and could have had nothing to do with illicit trafficking of guns; furthermore, no dealers were charged with any criminal wrongdoing."
    "According to ATF, the average age of a firearm recovered in the United States is 11 years old. In Mexico it’s more than 14 years old. This demonstrates that criminals are not using new guns bought from retailers in the states."
    "Congress, when it enacted multiple sales reporting for handguns, could have required multiple sales of long guns – it specifically chose not to."

    Read the full notice by the NSSF here:

    ATF to Require Multiple Sales Reports for Long Guns | NSSF Blog

    Read the full ATF document proposing this illegal move here: (PDF)
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    Unfortunately when Congress delegated their authority to oversee gun related stuff to the ATF, I guess that also allows the ATF to think they can just make up "Their Own" regulations on gun control?? Apparently the ATF has been at work behind the scenes making up all sorts of troubling little problems. One thing I can't understand is while it may be legal for me to purchase a rifle or shotgun from outside my state of residence, why can't I legally purchase a handgun? I just figure it is important to carry a couple of extras along if I need to travel, I guess...
    Tell You All, I am sick & tired of the BS regulations on a thing that actually says: Shall Not Be Infringed. I find that to be a very easy to understand message, even if it is a bit over 200 years old.