Multical Ruger PC 9 / 10/22

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by JohnRambo, May 23, 2020.

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    I've never made a gun, nor know the mechanics all that well, yet I have tried to look for answers but I haven't been able to find them.

    I am interested in seeing if there is a possibility of converting the Ruger PC 9 back and forth from the 10/22. For example I know that the glock 19 can swap uppers with the glock 22cal (I forgot the model #). Is it possible to do the same with the PC 9 and 10/22 which are on similar platforms?

    I am also interested in the possibility of making a Franken Gun with a double stacked 9mm, 22 combo with a longer 9mm barrel stacked on top. Most likely a 16" 22 barrel, under a, I am taking shot from the dark here, a 18-20" 9mm stacked, further back. Ideally suppressed barrels, but I don't know crap about them yet so I am being idealistic. I would use a simple blow back system for each. I know that a single shot is possible, but I am interested in simi-auto for both.

    If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it, thank you.
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    Given enough time, money, machine tools and skill using them, ANYTHING is possible- except skiing thru a revolving door. Couple of problems I could see-
    Obviously you would have to change barrel- but going from centerfire to rimfire, you would have to change the bolt, extractor, firing pin etc. The 9 is a delayed blowback, the 22 a blowback. One has too much energy for the other, or not enough.

    As far as the franken gun- again, a 9mm parabellum has too much energy to use a straight blowback. It may be possible to cobble something up- and you would end up with an 11 lb carbine.

    Hell, there have been revolvers with stacked barrels, firing 2 different calibers. Notice they are not still being made? Yeah- nobody wanted them. Good book to thumb thru- Firearms Curiosa by Winant.

    Abd where ARE my manners? That was your first post here! Welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks Shooter, Franken Gun, with very cheap used guns/parts it will be. I'll send you a vid of it when I'm done.
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