MSNBC host Brzezinski mugged in D.C.

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    MSNBC host Brzezinski mugged in D.C.
    Christina Bellantoni (Contact)


    Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty was confronted face-to-face Thursday with some of the district's crime problems, when it turned out the host of the morning talk show he appeared on had been mugged in the city an hour earlier.

    MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski was mugged outside a well-known Washington hotel while waiting for a car to pick her up for the 6 a.m. broadcast of the show she co-hosts with Joe Scarborough, "Morning Joe."

    As the show began, Mr. Scarborough blasted Washington without naming the hotel, saying he needed to talk about what had just happened to his co-host.

    Mrs. Brzezinski said she was embarrassed and didn't want him to tell viewers about the experience, but he detailed the mugging and complained the bell desk should have been paying attention.

    "A guy walks across the street straight for her," Mr. Scarborough said, adding the hotel should "at least police five feet outside their own doors." Mrs. Brzezinski said she gave the mugger the $6 in cash she had with her, adding that he asked her for $20 and said something along the lines of "Give me money and nothing will happen."

    The anchors did not disclose on air the location or name of the hotel, and did not respond to a question via email.

    Mr. Fenty, brought on the show to talk about education and plans for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, told the hosts the matter would be investigated.

    "This is what mayors do," he said. "We are going to look at it and work with the hotel and the police department."

    "Mayor it was six dollars, it's OK," Mrs. Brzezinski told Mr. Fenty. "I love that hotel. I'll need six dollars before I leave the bureau is all."

    During a brief discussion of education, Mr. Fenty talked about teacher accountability.

    "They should be paid more, but they should be held more accountable. That's going to improve things in the inner city," he said.

    Mr. Fenty joked about the logistics of the expected big crowds for the Jan. 20 inauguration, asking the hosts if they knew a good place to park fleets of buses.

    He also praised the Secret Service: "These guys know what they are doing."

    "Morning Joe" is normally based in New York, though Mr. Scarborough often appears from D.C. via satellite.
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    This just in - Washington DC is NOT A SAFE PLACE....

    I don't wish the woman any harm, or further terror, but for Christ's sake, if you see someone making a beeline right towards you, in a city like DC, use your head for something other than to keep your ears apart with. Turn and walk back inside the doors.....

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    perhaps someone should send her info on the next CC NRA safety course in her area.....:rolleyes:

    Seriously though, I was staying in DC during the summer, and the hotel folks advised staying away from certain areas etc. I was annoyed that I had to leave my "little friend" at home because I am a law abiding citizen and DC said no carry AHEM!

    I felt very insecure while I was there........:mad:
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    Howse about a bus parking lot in NOLA....
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    Damn guns. Guns are the problem. They need to restrict guns completely. Once they do, there will be no more attacks like this.
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    C'mon J.D., Libs don't think that way.
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    Libs think nothing bad can happen to them because after all, they're special.
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    Actually they are more paranoid than we are. The difference is that they want to be coddled and have someone else protect them. I think I speak for everyone on this board when I say that I would rather try to defend myself.