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  1. mrbirdguy

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    I live in maryland
    I was wondering what is involved in getting permit to carry I have nothing to carry a shot gun juust wouldn't do it
    What wound be a resonably priced gun not to big sompting. ?
  2. c3shooter

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    The first thing you need is to move. Maryland is one of the worst 5 states for a concealed carry permit in the US. Less than 1% of the VERY few permits they issue are for personal protection- rest are business connected. They also do not recognize other state's concealed carry permits. Click here for a little info: Maryland CCW Concealed Carry Hand Gun Legal Info

    As far as the gun question- good questions = good answers- and bro, you have not asked a good question. Good RARELY equals cheap, especially in the gun world. Give us some more information on what it is you are looking to do, and we'll see if we can offer some advice.

    In the meantime, welcome to the forums- stop by the intro section, and say howdy.

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    Move South, just past Wallops Island, and embrace your 2A rights!
  4. ScottA

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    As for a good carry, reasonably priced carry gun; there's a wide range.

    I'd say plan on spending something around $300 to $500. That would cover a Springfield XD subcompact; a Ruger LCP or LCR or SR9; Ruger SP101; and a whole lot of others.