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    What is everyone's opinions on the ethical standpoint of squatter on land in time of a diaster?

    I mean vacant land here, wild country, but private property.

    If you had setup and established camp but were found and asked to leave in time of chaos/anarchy would you?
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    That's an interesting question. Where I live, we don't really get natural disasters that would leave people homeless. If there were a power outage due to heavy snowfall or an ice storm, I'd stay put at home and enjoy the time off from work, taking advantage of the store of canned goods, frozen meat and other goodies we keep. (That's the norm here - people store a few day's of food and water.)

    In the event of an unnatural disaster, like several nukes going off, and I was forced to leave my home, I would be inclined to answer your question: "hell no". In a SHTF scenario where infrastructure and law enforcement breaks down, it becomes a fend-for-yourself situation. My priority is the safety and well-being of my family and I will do whatever is necessary at the time to see to those things.

    A situation like [ame=""]the Katrina disaster[/ame] where the local idiot LEOs try to take away firearms is the most difficult to figure out. Based on what I learned watching the video in the link, when a cop asks "Do you have any firearms" you answer "No sir".