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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by MB44, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. MB44

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    So with the earthquakes in Chile we have decided to move to Brazil, which was already in our plans but the latest seismic events fast tracked the proccess…. I am looking for a job there, and with a bit of luck we can move back to the home town of my wife, Natal (North-East Brazil), otherwise it’ll be Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.

    So I trawled the internet for information about gun laws in Brazil, and they are pretty strict about it. It basically comes down to .38SPL/.380/ .22LR. There are special rules for sport shooters who can shot .40/.357/.44/.38Super/.45ACP, but no 9mm which is used exclusively by the armed forces. Also taking my guns with me from Chile to Brazil seems to be somewhat of a hassle…. Export permit, import permit, yada-yada-yada…and I would NOT be able to take my GLOCK nor one of my SIG`s with me, because they are illegal for personal use (as they are both 9mm). Concealed carry seems like totally out of the question, so gun wise it looks like a bad deal, as it seems I would have to sell everything, and settle for a crappy Taurus .38SPL. Funny enough, the bad guys got just about everything they need, including
    suface to air missiles (I do not know if you remember some 3-4 months ago some druglord in one of the favelas (shanty towns) of Rio de Janeiro,shot down a helicopter, with one

    ….,on the other hand I get this
    (We own a small property just behind, and to the right of the sand slope)

    and THIS :
    (Noooooo,... it ain’t my wifes)

    But my questions is: Is there is anybody on this forum who knows about gun laws in Brazil ?
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    Wow, MB44, that is a drastic move. Better than Venezuela, tho. Brazil has some real hotties. Keep us updated and stay safe, amigio.

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    Yes, please keep us posted. May God bless you and your family.
  4. canebrake

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    PM Asmel (AsmelEduardo), he lives in Venezuela and is gun savvy.

    Good luck!
  5. MB44

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    Yeah, I think I'll do that. There is also an Argentinian getleman, I can't remember his name,.. but I'll track him down too and ask him the same question...

    Thanks guys,... will keep you posted.

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    Fransisco is the Argentinean you're looking for, not sure of his exact S/N, but he hangs out in the knife forum quite a bit.

    Bummer about the gun laws, but I like my .22 better than my 9mm anyway. At the range, of course - they're really screwing you for SD.
  7. CA357

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    Unfortunately, life is full of compromises. It sounds like this is a major one. However, the .38 Special has put a lot of bad guys in the ground over the years. Things could be worse.