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    I was checking the posts and didn't see anything that answered my questions, so if anyone can help, thank you. Looking for sites that speak to the questions I have.

    1. Moving to Wisconsin (from Pennsylvania), are there any requirements to register my firearms?
    2. Still have not received an activation email from Armed Badger, are there any other Wisconsin specific forums?
    3. Are there any restrictions on firearms that I should be aware of?
    4. I saw something about knives requiring a CCP just to carry a pocket knife. Is this correct?

    I am sure I will think of more as time goes on. For reference, I am looking at housing to the north and/or west of Milwaukee county. Would like to have a range close by as well. Please add to my list if you can think of something worth knowing about.
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    No, Wisconsin is mostly gun friendly, especially the northern two-thirds of the state. The further you get from IL, the better it gets.

    WI is a shall issue state in regards to CC permits.

    They do have a 48 hour wait on handgun purchases, but no wait on long guns.

    I lived in WI for 5 years.
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    I have been swamped with work lately, so i have not had much chance to get back to this.

    Regarding signage for gun free businesses:
    1. Is there a specific design that must be used to be gun free? I believe Texas is a state that has a specific design that has to be used.
    2. If I enter a building, like a mall, and the door is not posted, but other doors are, what are the legalities of this situation?

    Still no response from Armed Badger. Are there any members that can help me get an activation email? The automatic submission does not seem to work.
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    No, the 48 hour wait for a handgun transfer AFTER approval was rescinded a couple of years ago. After the dealer gets an approval number, while on the phone with the initial call, unless the system is down for some reason, you take your handgun with you. Same as at gunshows.

    I just ignore those 5 x 7, no weapons allowed signs. It's concealed and all they can ask you to do is leave if they do see your gun. If they have a sign in the window, I'll ask the manager who is going to take the responsibility to protect my family and me while I'm in this business, if you won't let me do that for myself. I let them know that they are accepting the liability if they restrict my ability to protect my family.
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    “The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.”
    (Art. I, § 25)

    Contact Info

    State of Wisconsin
    Department of Justice
    Crime Information Bureau
    P.O. Box 2718
    Madison, WI 53701-2718
    (608) 266-7314


    Prohibited Areas (state)
    1. Any portion of a building that is a police station, sheriff's office, state patrol station, or the office of a division of criminal investigation special agent of the department. (§176.60(16))
    2. Any portion of a building that is a prison, jail, house of correction, or secured correctional facility. (§176.60(16))
    3. The Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center, the Wisconsin Resource Center, or any secured unit or secured portion of a mental health institution, including a facility designated as the Maximum Security Facility at the Mendota Mental Health Institute.
    4. Any secured unit or secured portion of a mental health institute under s. 51.05, including a facility designated as the Maximum Security Facility at Mendota Mental Health Institute. (§176.60(16))
    5. Any portion of a building that is a county, state, or federal courthouse. (§176.60(16))
    6. Any portion of a building that is a municipal courtroom if court is in session. (§176.60(16))
    7. Any individual who knowingly possesses a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is in or on the grounds of a school is guilty of a Class I felony. A person who is a CCW licensee or out-of-state CCW licensee may possess a firearm within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, but not in or on school grounds. Wis. Stat. §948.605(2)(b)1r.
    8. A posted building (including government buildings, special events, & universities) that have orally informed you of their policy prohibiting firearms or that post a sign at least 11 inches square is placed in at least 2 conspicuous places. §943(13)
    9. A place beyond a security checkpoint in an airport. (§176.60(16))
    10. Persons who do not have a CCW permit may not carry a handgun in a tavern and those persons with a CCW license may carry a concealed handgun in a tavern only if NOT consuming alcohol. Wis. Stat. §941.237(3)(cx).
    The prohibitions above (excluding #7) do not apply to any of the following: 1. A weapon in a vehicle driven or parked in a parking facility located in a building that is used as, or any portion of which is used as, a location under par. (a). 2. A weapon in a courthouse or courtroom if a judge who is a licensee is carrying the weapon or if another licensee or out-of-state licensee, whom a judge has permitted in writing to carry a weapon, is carrying the weapon. 3. A weapon in a courthouse or courtroom if a district attorney, or an assistant district attorney, who is a licensee is carrying the weapon.

    Prohibited Areas (federal)
    1. Airport Secure Areas (49 CFR § 1540.111(a))
    2. Post Office Property (18 USC § 930; 39 CFR § 232.1)
    3. Federal Facilities (18 USC § 930; 36 CFR § 327.13)
    4. Military Bases (Army Reg. 190-14(2-6);18 USC § 930)
    5. Veteran Affairs Property (38 C.F.R. § 1.218(a)(13))
    6. Within 1,000 feet of a Public, Parochial or Private K-12 School (18 U.S.C.A. § 922(q)(2)(A))
      • Exceptions apply, see School Zone section of Transport Laws
    7. Certain Other Federal Property:
      • US Army Corp of Engineers Property (36 C.F.R. § 327.13)
      • The Pentagon Reservation (32 C.F.R. § 234.10)
      • Government Accountability Office Grounds (4 C.F.R. § 25.14)
      • CIA Agency Installation Property (32 C.F.R. § 1903.10)
      • Certain FEMA Property (44 C.F.R. § 15.15)
      • National Military Cemeteries (32 C.F.R. § 553.33)
    Duty To Retreat
    Yes. No statutory reference exists, however the common law appears to support the MPC’s minority opinion that a duty to retreat from an encounter exists prior to using deadly force, if it can be done in complete safety. See MPC §3.04(2)(b). However, on 12/07/2011 Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill 69 which eliminated the duty to retreat inside a home as well as added some profound civil protections for homeowners involved in self-defense shootings.

    Special Notes
    For more information on carrying a firearm in Wisconsin please click here.

    Statewide Preemption:

    • On 03-09-17 the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding Wisconsin's statewide firearm preemption law, which prohibits cities from enacting any firearm restrictions that go beyond state law. In this particular case the city of Madison had attempted to ban firearms on city buses, even when carried by permit holders. The court ruled Madison's ban was invalid. (source)
    Open Carry: The Attorney General issued the following statement regarding open carry.

    • “Under Article I, § 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution, a person has the right to openly carry a firearm for any of the purposes enumerated in that Section, subject to reasonable regulation as discussed herein. The Wisconsin Department of Justice (the Department) believes that the mere open carrying of a firearm by a person, absent additional facts and circumstances, should not result in a disorderly conduct charge from a prosecutor…. Finally, several law enforcement agencies have asked whether, in light of Article I, § 25, they may stop a person openly carrying a firearm in public to investigate possible criminal activity, including disorderly conduct. We say yes. An officer may stop and briefly detain a person for investigative purposes (known as an investigative or Terry stop) if he has “reasonable suspicion,” based on articulable facts, of criminal activity. Illinois v. Wardlow, 528 U.S. 119, 123 (2000); United States v. Sokolow, 490 U.S. 1, 7 (1989); Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1, 30 (1968)…. And “even when officers have no basis for suspecting a particular individual, they may generally ask questions of that individual, [and] ask to examine the individual's identification,” as long as the police do not convey a message that compliance is mandatory. Florida v. Bostick, 501 U.S. 429, 434-35 (1991). The Fourth Amendment does not prevent police from making voluntary or consensual contact with persons engaged in constitutionally protected conduct. See United States v. Mendenhall, 446 U.S. 544, 553-54 (1980).
    States That Recognize This State's Permit
    Permits Recognized by This State
    Updates to the App

    • 10-23-12: Updated reverse reciprocity to clarify WV restriction.
    • 04-19-13: Updated Wisconsin reciprocity maps to reflect that they now honor AK permits issued after 01/14/13 and the WI permit is honored in Nebraska.
    • 07-16-13: Updated reciprocity map to include KS
    • 02-12-14: Updated reciprocity maps
    • 04-14-14: Updated to reflect WI honors IL permit
    • 06-08-15: Updated to current reciprocity and other spot checks.
    • 07-02-15: NV now honors WIS
    • 11-14-16: Maps updated to reflect that Wisconsin honors several additional states.
    • 01-30-17: Links updated
    • 03-09-17: Updated to reflect supreme court case which overturned Madison's city ordinance banning guns on buses.
    • 04-13-17: Updated reciprocity maps
    • 12-13-17: Content verified. New maps updated. Federal prohibited areas updated with more detailed citations.
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    Gotta love Wisconsin for the RTKBA
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    Gotta LOVE Governor Scott Walker. The previous Governor we had, James Doyle, was a real dipstick. He fought conceal carry even though it passed, he and his boot-licking district attorney wouldn't sign the bill. We had to vote his arse out of office, and Scott Walker also signed our "Castle Doctrine Law" into effect. No more crap about duty to retreat away from your home because some ahole wants your flat screen TV. Wisconsin went completely for Donald J. Trump for president in his election bid and told the libtards in Madison to "Shove It".
    Here's a sign along the Wisconsin/Illinois border. I think it says enough:
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    Just got back from a week up in Wisconsin. Loving the area, and only saw one notice. I am looking at moving to Washington or Ozaukee county come August. Thank you for all the intel. Now to find a church that permits conceal carry, suitable housing, and a range.

    Now is that sign real? Where is it located?