Moving from SC to CA(lifornia)..

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    ** I understand anyone who replys to this post assumes no legal responsibilities written or implied. so just share your experiences **

    I am a happy owner of secondhand XD9 4"

    Just one concern, my box says "Not legal in California"

    hm... so my search results came out to

    "10+ rd mag is a high capacity magazine therefore assault weapon"

    well, then there was another result said, 3 ways to have XD in CA.

    1. Have your direct family sent it to you as gift (not sure how this works, but doesn't matter because i'm not doing this)

    2. get a 10rd mag and get approved - afaik, springfield doesn't make 10rd, so a big no no.

    3. "if you buy it out of state, and move into Cali, then it's ok"
    (plus some registration and stuff)

    SO it seems I should go for option 3.


    I'm starting to gain interest in big caliber rifles for long range.

    (I mean, I moved up from 10yd to 20yd, then went out to outdoor, did 25yd, and a 30'x30' cardboard @ 100yd :D yes with a 4" barrel 9mm,, and now i'm bored)

    I was just wondering, if I can buy a 50cal here, and then bring it into california as I move to CA.

    so,,, two things

    1. Can I keep my Springfield XD9 with 16rd mag??

    2. Can I keep my .50 Cal whatever rifle??

    and one more
    +. Should I go through 308 Win. and other stuff before 50cal?
    I do understand I can't jump up the stairs... so

    but i love that near-kaboom of 50cal. don't you?? :D

    ** I understand anyone who replys to this post assumes no legal responsibilities written or implied. so just share your experiences **
    I will only use them as ballpark guidelines, not legal advices.
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    Let me be the first to say... DON'T DO IT!!! They hate gun owners and will try to strip you of many of your gun rights.

    I'm not sure about the rest, but if you are talking about a .50 BMG, then it is illegal to own in Commifornia.

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    that just reminded me of Christopher Walken saying "damn commies" in blast from the past (1999)
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    Sorry to hear you are joining me out here but hide the 16 rounders and tell
    No one as for long range work the 50 can cost six bucks a round for me the
    Fun goes away quick when 10 rounds cost as much as dinner out with the family
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    you are mistaken about the magazine capacity. springfield does make 10 rnd mags. i live in ny and also have a mag capacity ban. 10rnds and under are allowed. 11 and over are not unless they are older manufacture than 1994.. so i have 2 10rnd mags....
    as far as the rifle goes. you sound like your a little new to shooting so i would suggest a lower caliber to get used to rifle shooting. a 22. will be great for practicing and learnign the basics with cheap ammo. but they are not as "fun" as the louder ones. so another option might be a mosin nagant. its still fairly cheap as far as ammo goes. and it has a nice kaboom.
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    true..... maybe i'll just stick to 7.62x51mm or 308 or 300,, etc.

    I mean,,, people get 2000+yd hits with that ammo :)
    (world record by our patriots)

    Oooo, well,,, But I've heard it's okay to move with a 16rd mag lawfully purchased in another lawful state out of california.. so I'm still digging real law info on that.
    Thanks for the 10rd mag info!