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  1. Nomad 1

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    I just rented the movie "Defiance" concerning the efforts by Jews in Bellorussia to survive the Nazi invasion. It was based on a true story.

    It is in essence a SHTF scenario.

    Yes, I do realize it is a movie and cannot be 100% accurate but I did find it a bit intriguing.

    The interesting aspects to me were:

    1. Stuff happens faster than you are ready for.

    2. Not everyone around you can be trusted. There are always collaborators who seek profit or power from the situation at hand. There will also be people who seek the security of slavery over the risk of freedom.

    3. People will flock together in a crisis. The concept of a lone survivor may not be real.

    4. You cannot win a conflict easily and painlessly when facing an armed aggressor.

    5. Food and shelter counts for a lot and it helps to be armed too.

    Anyway, I did not find a prior thread on this and thought it may be of interest.
  2. DrGonzo11

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    You forgot to mention that it was a pretty good movie too!:) You're right though, you can prepare all you like but unless you are prepacked and mobile, your plans might be all but useless.

  3. Cnynrat

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    Just watched this movie on a long flight to China this week. Very good movie, and as Nomad said some interesting lessons about how people behave under severe stress. Recommended watching.
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    Watched it last night.

    I guess having enough folks to keep watch is good, the bad part is you dont starve alone, in this day and age ther arnt as many horses as ther were in them day's so youd have to eat somthing else, cacheing food and ammo and weapons away from where you live is good Idea, the bad guy's come rolling in and Bam! ya gotta leave with the shirt on yer back!
    The root cellar and excavated barn cellar were good ideas, problem is today nobody stacks hay like that any more or has plank floors or diryt floors, they use cement and plywood and use Big round bales, them days the land was sparesly populated in ther rugged area, they knew the lay of the land because theyd been on the lam before a couple advantages most folks dont have today.

    Made for a good movie, the use of infa red monitors and helocopters complicates things, the ability to hide from survalance would be harder as that many people would beat a obviouse plane path through any area.