Movie: Crazies (Spoilers!!)

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dillinger, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Dillinger

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    Anyone seen this one? Crazies 2010 Yeah, it's a remake of Romero's 1973 movie, and this one isn't any better. :rolleyes:

    The plot has promise, and the movie features Timothy Olyphant who was in Live Free or Die Hard, Hitman and the TV series Justified.

    Here come the spoilers:

    So, pretty early on it's determined that a large government plane went down and crash landed in a river/bayou that feeds this town's water supply. The result is some man made chemical/pathogen that turns people into mindless killing machines, along with creating some sort of flesh eating condition. What the hell that has to do with the mind leeching is beyond me, but it makes the bad guys easy to identify.

    The small town becomes a wasteland of mindless killers and soon the military moves in and starts rounding up people who are about to turn into beasts and who are supposedly "not infected".

    So, small town sheriff ( Olyphant ) his deputy, sheriff's hot wife and some teenager who works for the wife are hell bent to get out of this town, together, and not succumb to the disease or be stopped by the oppressive military regime.

    The movie is okay, but I was really disappointed in that for a small town in the middle of the country ( farming community, etc. ) there are no weapons, there are no dogs. The sheriff has a back up 6" Smith revolver and the deputy has a mini Glock, along with a Remington 870. Hardly what I would expect, especially if ANYONE in the town was a member here. :cool:

    So yeah, it could have been a lot better. Anyone see it, and what were your thoughts? What would you have changed?

  2. Yunus

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    More spoilers****

    What bothered me was the ending and how the government seemed to want no survivors (as show by starting the quarantine and destruction of another city)yet they allowed the military to enter that town wearing gas masks and the guy whose SUV they blew up wasn't even wearing any gear if I remember correctly. Right there is a possible leak not to mention you know damned well some of the military would have been infected.

    Also why did they tag and separate the potentially infected, they killed everyone anyway?

    Nuke the town and all surrounding areas, short of that something will get out.

  3. M14sRock

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    I liked it. Wife did not. Daughter did. Not all were mindless. Just homicidal. Looking forward to the sequel.
  4. lonyaeger

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    Don't forget "Deadwood!"
  5. jbd

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    It was ok, could have been better.
  6. doctherock

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    That was a definatly effed up movie. I agree they left it open for a sequel.
  7. Dillinger

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    Sequel is already in the works, allegedly. It makes perfect sense. The initial movie cost like $20 mil to produce and they spent less than $5mil on advertising.

    $43mil in ticket sales and another almost $9mil in DVD sales.

    That said, I was still underwhelmed with it.
  8. Bigcountry02

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    I am watching it again!
  9. user4

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    It was a yawnfest