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Moved Reloading Room

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When my powder supply topped 40 lb I decided to move out of the house. I got an 8'x16' utility building and insulated and wired it then finished the inside. I now have benches down one long wall and across one end with shelving for supplies.
I have it airconditioned and heated with a small frig for cold beer,( not while reloading).
I'm soon going to install a fold down table for my gunsmithing area, and more shelving under the bench.
What kind of settups do you guys have?
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Well you know I'm and old fart and I have spent some of my years acumulating stuff. I have a 2400 sq ft fab and machanic shop which gets more of my time than my reloading but I would rather it were the other way around.
The wife says I should have been a single guy since there isn't time for my hobbies and her in any given day.
One day when and if I figure out how to post pictures I'll show you guys my toys, but in the meantime thanks for the replies, Glenn
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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