mouser 98 bcd 4/value

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    Have gustloffwerke 98 with German stamps and matching numbers. Tapered barrel.beleived to be 8mm.any info appreciated.
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    Pictures 98


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    First, it is a Mauser. My little tomcat is a Mouser.

    It likely was a K98, in 8mm Mauser, made at the Gustloffe Werke munitions plant (Gustloff was founder of the Nazi Party in Switzerland, was shot in 1936)

    Unfortunately appears to have been "sporterized", which whacks the collector value, leaving it's value as a shooter (good shooters) Cannot read date on chamber, but that is year made.
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    The Nazi's thought they were smarter then everyone else. Since it was made in the 1940's, the 4 stands for 1944. Barrel is not tapered(that would be a commercial rifle) it is stepped, standard military. Seeing a 4 digit # on one piece ending in 22 and another part that is stamped 22, the bolt matchs itself. The serial # is on the left side of the reciever. It is still better then 90% of what is made today from a structure standpoint. Nice rifle. Simple, efficient, accurate.
    Without seeing it. $200.00..$250.00. Now if someone wanted a great action to build on, $300.00. You can build any centerfire cartridge from a .220 swift to a 9.3x62 and beyond on it. Outstanding as is. Just shoot it and enjoy.
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