mounting scope rings on older .22

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    I have a Remington Target Master Model 510 that was my Dad's when he was a boy. It's a great shooter but my own eyes are beginning to age now and the open sights aren't as easy for me to use. There is no real base on which to mount a scope base as the "receiver" portion of the gun is round - an extension of the barrel.

    DOes anyone have a suggestion on scope rings, how to drill & mount? Will attempt to post pic so you can see...

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have about three options. Buy a newer 22(probably best choice), have gunsmith drill and tap the receiver for scope bases( $50+), or have gunsmith groove the receiver (like newer 22's) to mount the scope. I would keep your 22 but buy a different one that is grooved for a scope mount already.

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    Mounting rings

    I have the same rifle,and same eye problem.I went to a machine shop and had them groove the receiver for a scope and now I can see clearly and it is a tack driver. Remington made these rifles for years and there are plenty around value will drop but not by a huge amount. Call me if U have any questions 978-424-7024.:) Cliff