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    As noted in my previous post, I am new to the AR15. My new gun has a top rail and fixed front site. I immediately added a flip up rear site. With this addition everything lined up perfectly, right out of the box. I already own a Sig STS 080 Red Dot. Will this mount directly on the rail, or does it need a filler to raise above the front site? I assume some adjustment will be required to zero the red dot...

    On most guns I see the flip up rear site in addition to a range of optics. How do I use the iron sites, after the red dot is mounted?

    I am also considering a magnifier. So the rail will hold, flip up iron site, magnifier, red dot. Is this normal? It seems to be the trend on the guns I have seen.
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    You should be able to use the iron sights right through the red dot.

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    You'll need some sort of riser to clear the front sight post.

    You look through the RDS when using your irons.
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    Mount the optic. Look through it with both eyes open. Adjust the dot to sit right on top of the front post as you view it through the rear peep. Then the optic is zeroed as long as your iron sights are zeroed. then flip down the rear sight. No matter where you look through the optic, the dot will be where the zero is. There will be some error, called parallax, but thats not as much of a concern with a red dot since its not a scope.

    Here's another one of my drawings I made for a class...