Mounting Offset BUIS ???

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    Is there a proper way to mount rear offset BUIS from the distance of your eye?....I've heard that you should have the longest sight radius as possible between front and rear BUIS, but heard nothing about distance of eye to the rear BUIS.

    I have a Bushnell 3-12 scope on a Burris P.E.P.R. QD mount. If I mount the optic to the upper as far back on the rail as it can go, I get good eye relief and cheek weld placement no matter how many times or how fast I shoulder my rifle.....but then the offset BUIS needs to be placed further forward on rail.
    So is there a proper way where the offset BUIS should be mounted from the distance of your eye?
    With the offset BUIS mounted towards the rear of upper rail, the scope eye relief is now further away and there is no more room on the scope tube to move it further back closer towards my eye.

    And the reason I have offset BUIS is cause the scope is a 3-12 so anything closer becomes a blur and having BUIS is easier to transition to for closer shots. My vision is already bad and old so anything useful hitting my target would be helpful and would rather not spend money for a offset mount and a micro red dot.

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    In days of old

    when men were bold

    and iron sights weren't invented

    they sighted down the bore

    without any more

    and blazed away, contented...

    I dunno, sometimes less is more.

    You have a fine looking rifle, why crap it up with

    a bunch of extra junk you don't really need?

    Maybe I'm just backward thinking, but I like my AR

    just the way it is, I'm simply not going to crap it up

    with a bunch of bolt-on stuff.
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    Offset BUIS are a great option for someone using a maginified optic when co-witnessing isn't an option. There is no specific distance the sights need to be. I would place the rear BUIS as far back on the upper reciever as possible and still allow for you to function your charging handle. You want the front sight as far forward as possible. This will allow for greater accuracy when shooting at any distance.