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    I am very lost. I know there is a part I am missing here. The bipod is made by b-square and I just dont know what to get to mount it...or if its even possible. If not then ill buy a new one, but Id like that to be last resort.
    This is a picture of what I am working with. I am trying to get that bipod on the mount of the gun.

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    Sorry, can't help you there, as I'm not familiar with the B-Square products. I did go to their site to see if they had any of their manuals posted to see if I could figure it out for you, but no such luck. Do you have the manual for the bipod? If so, it should state how all of those pieces go together, and what you might need to make it work for your application.

    Personally, I use Harris bipods, and have had good luck with them. There is also another out there, the Versa-pod, that some swear by, because you can buy the mount for several different guns, then detach the legs to mount on any of those guns.

    If you don't have the manual for your bipod, go the B-Square site, then have a "Contact Us" button, write to them and I'm sure they'll help you out.


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    From your pictures it looks like you are missing something that perhaps clamps to your barrel.
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    Yeah, I think you got a problem there brother. That threaded bolt and pin is for a different kind of bi-pod, I have that attachment on my .308 Rig.

    I will get you some pictures tonight if I can and see if that helps clarify what you have and what you need.