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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by lonyaeger, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    What do y'all keep in your vehicles? I've changed my mind so many times, but I have a Taurus Judge just to have for snakes and such, and I loaded it with .410 gauge #4 shot shells. What do you think about if for a vehicle gun?
  2. ktmboyz

    ktmboyz New Member

    For me its whatever I carry for the day, either my LCR or 3" kimber ultra carry.. All depends on what I am doing for the day or what I am wearing. I like to carry the 45 but the LCR has become my daily go-to piece

  3. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    Saw a video that explained that the Judge was the ultimate anti-carjacking piece.

    I just dig the versatility of it, though ammo can be a beast to find.
  4. Shooter girl

    Shooter girl New Member

    Ive seen testing done that showed that the Judge was not a good choice if you are running shot through it. The barrel apparently isn't long enough to get enough velocity for the shot to reach vital organs. But the slug, or .45 LC will more than get the job done.

    In answer to the OP. For me it is whatever I am carrying that day. Normally my Ultra CDP II.
  5. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    I don't carry every day, just when I feel like I need to, but I sure like having one in the vehicle wherever I go for those times when I'm not carrying.

    Regarding the penetration and the vital organs, I'm of the feeling that, if a bad guy tries to carjack me, I'll give him a faceful of #4 and he'll probably leave me alone. Then I'll have to find a way to stop the bleeding from my ears.

    I have a box of the .45 LC....doubt that I'll ever use it.
  6. suprdave

    suprdave New Member

    I think the Judge would be perfect for a "truck gun". Just like our famous deer hunter from a while back..."Shoot 'em in the face!"
  7. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Now I'm thinking Ruger LCR with Crimson Trace. Judge is too long to fit in my center console. Studied the LCR a lot....sounds like a great little concept.
  8. freefall

    freefall New Member

    Depends on where I'm going and when. Into Anchorage, I recently got a Kel-Tec PF9 that fits perfectly in my inside vest pocket. Going out of town, in the winter I generally take a 4" .357. When the bears are out generally my 5" Super Blackhawk. I'm trying to decide how to mount a rifle rack down near the floor so it will be covered by the seat. I think an SKS and pump 12 ga would make the perfect truck combo. Plus your sidearm to give you time to get to them. Of course, the .44 Marlin would go nice in that rack too...
  9. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    If I can ever get it from the dealer, my truck gun will be a 4" Charter Arms Target .44 Special.
  10. RCHanlin

    RCHanlin New Member

    Totally agree. Mix and match. .45Colt/410 shot.. Can't beat it IMO.