Most accurate semi auto rifle for under 1000$

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    There is a psl dragonov type rifle I like the ammo is cheap 762x54 vepr also makes a nice rifle I would like to be able to hit targets rapid at 500 yards semi auto capability with cheap ammo any rifles that can do this? Pleade dont be rude.
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    most ar10 type can do that easily for right at 1000$. PSL (i have one) are ok to poor with surplus cheap ammo and do really well right at MOA with handloads. however the psl once you get into shot #3 that super long super thin barrel gets super hot and all accuracy is right out the window until it cools down.
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  3. Dillinger

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    7.62 x 54 really isn't an "accurate" round. Especially out to 500 yards. It looses a ton in trajectory and energy at "extreme" ranges because of the heavier bullets.

    So I guess first we have to define what you consider to be "accurate".

    I would consider a 3 inch, 5 shot group at 500 yards to be "accurate" but with a semi auto rifle, that is stretching it a bit unless you are a very good shot, so the MOA standard of just over 5 inches with a 5 shot group at 500 yards would be "accurate" in my personal book.

    Now if you want "Minute of Bad Guy" - in other words able to hit a goblin sized target at 500 yards, it can be done with several variants in the Ak realm.

    So, what kind of "accuracy" are you talking?
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    I sorely beg to differ. The 7.62X54r has less drop and retains more energy than .308 and .30-06. Now, the 300 mags (which are becoming more popular for long range), along with other magnums, are better, but that's expected. For years, the .308 and -06 were the be all, end all of long range shooting.

    So... What I'm getting at is, especially with the Spitzer bullet, the round is perfectly capable. It's the RIFLE. There are some modern Finnish made rifles in that chambering that are absolutely extraordinary.

    Oh, there are better out there, sure. But it's not to be discounted entirely.
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    7.62x54R ammo is like most former Soviet block ammo. It lacks a lot of consistency in most loads. So accuracy wise it will vary a lot. The Finish Mosin will be more accurate mechanically than the PSL, but not as rapid to fire.

    The most accurate ammo in this chambering that I have shot was the 7N1 round that was specifically manufactured for sniper use. It was held to higher quality control standards and is very accurate. Unfortunately it is not usually available in as steady a supply as the standard bulk loads, and is usually more expensive when you can find some.

    If you want a semi-auto that is consistent in accuracy with ammo that has a better reputation for consistnecy then you would be better off saving you money and getting a .308 AR type rifle. They are more expensive, but will provide you with a platform that is easier to shoot well. The DPMS .308s are not too expensive by AR tyoe standards, and the ones I've shot were plenty accurate. I'm in the process of building a .308 AR because they shoot that much nicer than the M1A. (That's saying a lot and will probably catch me some flames, but I stand by it.)

    My advice would be to save your money and get something better. But, if you want a PSL, they are not a bad rifle, they just have some limitations and a lack of consistency that you need to be aware of that may make the purchase less satisfying than what you may be hoping for.

    They definitely are not a Dragunov SVD. They have a single one piece Piston like an AK, which does not help with accuracy. They were designed to be Squad Marksman rifles and did not have to meet the same accuracy standards as the SVD or any other sniper rifle. 2-3 MOA was OK because it would still make hits on humans most of the time out to 600 meters. They are not made for volume fire as someone else pointed out, the barrel will heat up and accuracy suffers once they do. The scopes that copme with these are tough, but not the best optics and the Romanian scopes ran on tritium that will have been long since burned out. The SVD used tritium and batteries so the Russian scopes can still be made to illuminate after the tritium burns out. The PSL mags do not interchange with SVD mags. The stock does not have a cheek piece that is removeable for use with iron sights and the cheek piece does not quite get the eye at the exact height for scope use. The forend is just like an AK instead of a one piece that allows the barrel to float like an SVD. The trigger is very much like an AK.

    The VEPR is basically a higher quality Sporting version of the PSL with unique mags that aren't compatible with anything else.
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    You can get a Browning semi-auto rifle at Buds for right at $1000. In fact, the safari grade rifles are under $1000. They are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. After you put a scope and sling on the rifle you will have over $1300 in it. But you will have a proven rifle that will take any type of game at reasonable distances.

    When you compare with an AR-10 with the same quality of metal the Browning is a better deal. To get an AR-10 made as well as Browning you are talking about a Colt or other high end rifle that is out of your price range.
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