mossin nagant m44

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  1. varmint_hunter

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    Bought me a mossin nagant M44 - a 1944 russian make.

    Serial numbers on barrel, stock, trigger, bolt match.

    Bought it for $75.

    It was a just cuz kinda buy.

    This fires a 7.62x54r cartridge.

    It may have been fired, but it was certainly never issued. The barrel is in pretty good shape.

    Bought it at gander mountain which sell used firearms with a gunsmith cert. that it is in good working shape.

    Took it down, it looks pretty good. For example the lever that the bolt release (part of the trigger mech) shows no sign of wearing down and radiusing from the sharp rake angle it needs, etc.

    Did I waste my money?

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  2. Righteous

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    sounds like a fair deal , fun guns to shoot as well,
    waiting on my C&R FFL to come back and I will join you in owning that rifle as well as many others

  3. varmint_hunter

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    m44 ownership

    Great. It seems that there's a cult following for this firearm. Or at least a pretty deep fan base.

    There's all kinds of things you can get for it.

    I ordered a rifle break and a new sling already.
  4. bspellious

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    WOW $75 what was cheap but have fun with the recol
  5. shoez

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    I bought one of these M44's in 2001 . The barrel is rough, but can still get 3 to 5 inch groups with it at 100 yards. Mine was definately "issued". It was made in 1950 and came from Hungary. Talk about cheap price, I got mine and a 440 round tin of surplus ammo for a one hundred dollar bill, tax included. The rifle was $49.95 of that. It took me a couple of years to burn that ammo up as it does have some kick to it. It would make a great super cheap knock around deer rifle if the safety was a little "safer".
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  6. Catfish

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    I bought acouple of the Mouslin`s. 1 of them is now a 2 1/2 in. 410 with a rifled barrel, which will also fire .405 Win. rounds. Since we are not alowed rifles in Oh. for deer I built this .410, but now they tell me I can not use all brass cases, bummer.:eek:
    These rifle make good doners for action if your wanting to build a rifle. They are only rated at 48,000 psi, but that`s good enough for a nice hunting gun.
  7. varmint_hunter

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    M44 performance

    Thanks guys,

    I finally had the M44 out today.

    It took a few weeks to assemble the right kit - a bipod from ebay, a tin of 440 round of 158 grain Russian surplus ammo. Still waiting for my sling from Ebay.

    It shoots great. Helluva muzzle flash!!!

    Kick's no worse than my 270, in fact the 270 with a 150 gr. projectile is probably worse.

    It was very exciting to see my first shots on the 50 yard lane not to bad. All on the paper - even with those old iron sights.

    I laughed out loud when I saw that through my spotting scope.

    Went over to the 100 yard lane. It was more challenging with only the iron sights, but after 30 rounds I had 10 on the paper, some close to the center, some not - thanks to a helpful hint from the guy on the next lane over.

    What I learned is that this kind of firearm and aiming system takes a good amount of practice.

    Unlike my login name suggests, this 7.62x54 is NOT, repeat, NOT a varmint gun. Damn good for big game.

    I have seen the "no gunsmithing" scopes on Ebay that purport to mount the scope rail to the rear sight. Any thoughts on that?

    I will want to put a scope on this big fella, but failing the no-gunsmithing method, I would have to drill and tap 4 holes along the side of the action rear of the chamber.

    Anyways, for $75/80 bucks it is a lot of fun.

  8. pioneer461

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    Sounds like a great deal. Have you fired it yet? Darn things kick like a pissed-off mule. I put a slip-on recoil pad on mine to reduce the bruising. :eek:

    Here's mine w/ bayonet folded.
  9. varmint_hunter

    varmint_hunter New Member

    Firing the M44

    Thanks for the advice.

    And hay - pioneer461 that's a real beauty. Mine did not come with the bayonet.

    Had it out last Sunday, before the big game.

    Does seem to kick any worse than my .270 with the 150 grain bullets.

    It does have one helluva muzzle flash.:D

    Started on the 50 yard lane - using a bipod. First round on the paper. Second, third, fourth closer to the center. Maybe 4 inches from center. I was giggling about how much fun that old gun was to fire. And with the iron sights, which I have no experience with, I was quite please.

    Took 'er over to the 100 yard lane. Finally with the help of the guy on the next lane over, I was on the paper. Once I had that figured out, I was consistently on the paper, and when patient, I am in and out of a 4-5 inch circle.

    That doesn't sound so good, except I have zero experience with iron sights. So i was giddy with the new toy.

    One thing I don't like is that the trigger has a lot of movement before releasing the firing pin. I'll have to get used to that. My .270 has much less trigger movement prior to releasing the firing pin.

    I'll put a picture up with my next post.
  10. varmint_hunter

    varmint_hunter New Member

    I had it out Sunday.

    Fired it on a 50 yd lane. First shots out were on paper. And not to far. I was giggling with glee.

    Took it over to the 100 yard lane for a challenge. Now mind you, I have only iron sights. I know nothing about how to shoot with iron sights. Thanks to help from the fellow next to me, I figured it out. At 100 yards, I am on the paper consistently, and within a 5 inch radius or so.

    I'll take it, considering my experience with iron sights.

    Kicks about like my .270 with the 150 grain bullets.

    I am thinking about putting a scope on it. Would I bastardize it by putting on of those no gunsmith rails that mount to the rear sight?

    My other choice is to drill and tap along the side of the action rear of the chamber, in the receiver area - to the left of it.

    Let me know your thoughts.
  11. Dcomf

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    You wouldn't be bubba'ing by using the scope mounts that mount to the rear sight since it is not a permanent mod. D&T is permanent but if it's not a collectible then most wouldn't care.
  12. NateCJ5

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    It's your gun do with it as you please. The Mauser I got was never issued not sure if it was even fired before I got it, still packed full of cosmoline. Now its a 22-250 with a Ross thumbhole stock, Shilen barreled (and more) varmint buster. Have fun with it. Make it what you want.