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    Can't remember if anyone has done a review on the Mossie Midnight Mount (recently acquired by BattleComp) so thought I'd do a quick one since it's a great light mount for a KISS rifle. It is an ingenious solution to get a solid 12 o'clock mount/light installed on your AR with little fuss or muss if you have a fixed FSB. I'm pleased how well this works since many light solutions are for rails, not plain handguards. The mount itself only weighs a little over an ounce and is solid. It's not going to come loose any time soon. Most of the time I don't use a light but it's nice to be able to clip one on if you need it, plus the mount itself has little weight penalty.

    BCM has the MMM for $75 so I recently bought two with the Universal/Glock mount (model MT2400FSB) to install on my BCM and DD. There is a model with a Picatinny rail but I chose the Glock mount since I already have a TLR-1s light on my G23 and wanted to be compatible plus be able to swap a light from pistol to rifle in seconds. And it does just that!

    I'm thinking of picking up another TLR-1s which is a good 160 lumen light for around $100 from Botach, a sponser here. I like how well the switch works on both the pistol and rifle, it's well thought out for continuous or momentary use. The strobe feature is a little tricky to get to work every time but no doubt it would confuse an intruder.

    Below is a link to a review and then pictures of the mount and TLR-1s on my two ARs and the light itself on the Glock 23.



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    Thank you for the review. I didn't know of this option.