mossberg tactical 22

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  1. pmiller1976

    pmiller1976 New Member

    Anyone own one and what are the pros and cons? For the price it is tempting to pick one up. Thanks.
  2. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    They look really nice , dont feel bad , very light but the whole thing is plastic which seems pretty cheap but in all honesty very good gun. the dealer I was asking about them said they sold like 15 of them and have not had one come back

  3. big shrek

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    That's the standard answer dealers are supposed to warranty work is usually handled thru the company and not them ;)

    Downside, its a Mossy 702 in a plastic cover...both a Marlin 795 & Ruger 1022 will eat its lunch 9 times outta 10.
    But it does look Tactikewl!!

    You want real tactical .22lr??
    Get a Calico M-100 Carbine or M-110 Pistol, in the tactical versions.
    100-rounds Per Mag full of CCI Stingers will screw up anything & anyone's day ;)

    Woops, still waiting for the Tactical Pistol to be announced...probably next SHOT SHOW...still in Beta testing :)
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  4. purehavoc

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    Now on the other hand the S&W mp15-22 was alot nicer as is the colt and a few others out there for a few more bucks and there not entirely made of plastic , the mossy took a smaller mag that fit in the magwell that looked quite odd. the others use a full sized looking mag necked down for .22