Mossberg tactical .22 or S&W M&P 15-22?

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  1. RedFries3

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    I decided that I want an AR style .22 and I am stuck on the mossberg or the m&p 15-22 I can't decide. The Mossberg is only $200 but does not function like an AR and I've heard its picky on ammo, while the M&P 15-22 functions as close to an AR in .22lr that I've seen and it rarely jams but it is $400. I do not want to really spend $400 on a .22 but I know the S&W is better. So double the price for a really nice gun or half the price for a gun that gets the job done? Also if I end up getting the mossberg which bulk ammo would be best since I've heard it is picky on ammo? Also just to let you know I'm only 15 and either of these guns will be a christmas present, so I could get the mossberg some ammo, a red dot, or something but if i get the M&P that would be all I get so price is a big deal to me as I make no money until I can drive :eek:. Thanks
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  2. aandabooks

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    Haven't shot but have handled the Mossberg. I own a Smith and Wesson.

    The only advice I will give you is that you get what you pay for.

  3. greenriver

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    What he said.

    I have collected .22 rifles for 25 years and the S&W is the funnest most reliable rimfire I have ever owned. That being said, I have not fired or even handled the Mossberg.
  4. JTJ

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    My wife has the S&W and likes it. It ate some Winchester ammo that I have had problems with on other guns. The only jam we had was with Velocitors which are a very hot load. I could feel the difference in the recoil. We also ran Winchester bulk hp, American Eagle hp and solids, Aguila hp and solid, CCI Blazers and MiniMags. The S&W comes apart just like the AR and is very easy to clean. It is light and mostly plastic but then so are Glocks.
  5. big shrek

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    S& the Mossy is made in Brazil...
  6. JonM

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    its a mossberg 702 plinkster with a cosmetic package. if you want a close to ar15 in a 22lr only the sw ar15-22 works. for a few $$ more than the sw you can get a true ar15 lower then purchase a cmmg dedicated 22lr upper.

    then you have an upgrade path for later to centerfire in a few years when your older.

    anyway between the two you mentioned the s&w M&P 15-22 is a no brainer
  7. RedFries3

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    Ok thanks everyone for the replies I'm going to get the S&W and JonM your idea for the upper and lower receiver is a very good idea, but not really practical for me.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Then i'd stay away :(