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Mossberg Model 395K 12 ga. w/C-Lect-Choke

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Guys I'm not a shotgun expert at all,pistols,revolvers and rifles my main cup of tea,I bought a Mossberg Model 395k 3 shot bolt action shotgun with C-Lect-Choke.The seller said put the choke on Open and shoot slugs if you want and modfied and closed positions for tighter patterns when using shot shells.
My question is about shooting slugs-Can you? The barrel is smooth and not rifled,so I figure it's probaly not a good ideal to use slugs in this model,what are the shotguns experts opinions on this? ,I've seen slug barrels before on other models that was rifled on the inside,previous owner swears he shot several slugs with it no problem,I'm still skeptical myself!
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395K and slugs

Tony.... you can shoot rifled slugs (foster style) thru any smoothbore. I have a 395K circa '67 and have killed a few deer with it using the rifled slugs and choke set to cylinder bore. Rifled barrels use a sabotted bullet. Most ammo manufactures make rifled slugs and I've determined the Federal 1 oz. shoots best in my 395K. Good out to 50 yards with a 3" group which is fine for a shotgun state like Ohio. Most of our deer are killed inside of that.

Federal Slugs

Remember, "rifled" slug means the slug is rifled, not your barrel.
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