Mossberg M44B?

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    I bought one of these babes' @ BigSlims in Carrollton, great find, it has a factory stock that folds down for a vertical grip. The condition is very good overall. $200-300 book rated $400 mint. Anyone have more? I've already done google search, I'd like to hear from someone who might have a M44. CMP sell's 'em for $280.00, only to listed supporting Jr. Shooter's
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    the 44us is one of the most sought after Mossberg rimfires out there. They will hang with many rifles that cost 3 to 4 times more. I have one of the incomplete 44us's from CMP and some had gotten really nice rifles and others have gotten (LIKE ME) ones that looks like someone was using it as a tent stake.

    Have more what?

    The best place to get mossberg questions answered is the mossberg section over at rim fire central. I know most of the guys that hang out in there and they are full of information and very willing to help out with any questions.

    For more information than you can shake a stick at check out damguys site.