Mossberg has had about enough of Gov. Malloy of CT.

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    Mossberg just joined in!

    The Los Angeles Times said the National Shooting Sports Foundation has demanded an apology. And O.F. Mossberg & Sons, the oldest family-owned gun manufacturer in America, called the comments "slanderous" to its 270 workers. The company, through its attorney, has penned a letter to the governor.

    "To set the record straight, our company and our employees have gone on record at public hearings and with our elected legislators as stating that the single biggest thing this state can do to stop the criminal misuse of firearms is to prevent access to firearms by prohibited or other at-risk individuals," said the attorney, Joseph Bartozzi, in the letter to the government, the Los Angeles Times reported. Mr. Malloy's comments "came across as insulting and slanderous to our employees ... and appear to be politically motivated."

    The governor, the Los Angeles Times reported, isn't apologizing, and Mossberg manufacturing is considering an exit from the state, Mr. Bartozzi said.
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    Great! I hope they leave, why put money in the gun grabber's coffers. I just feel sorry for the citizens, who ultimately are the ones being punished, not the criminals. All these anti rights states should just secede and let us true Americans get back to being who we are, freedom lovers.

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    I hope we the Citizen do what we expect our favorite firearms manufacturers to do, call a Costa a Costa and vote with our dollar. Locally, Remington in Ilion is our Mossberg, been here since the beginning of time and manufactures some weapons that the smiths that make them cannot legally own in our own state.

    We pray they will take a stand that shows their true commitment to our constitution and their trade but so far Chuck Schumers bribes have kept them silent. I really dont look forward to them closing their doors but I refuse to accept anything short of our legal rights being ours and their prime directive above profit. In the end, they are a private company and can choose to do what they want, I support that but if they dont defend 2A to the end, I will never buy another Remington again even if my Neighbor Sam Crafted it.

    So far, Ive seen very little commitment outside of words by most of our citizens otherwise Hollywood, The NFL and 30 other huge corporate enterprises would be verging bankruptcy. Its time to step up or shut up, so far our silence at the cash register is deafening...
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    They would be more than welcome here in gun friendly Kentucky.
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    My ship's reunion is in New London this year, I'm sitting this one out.
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    Ct. doesn't want 'em and it's a big country. Mossberg should pack up and move at the next lull and take their people with them... Remington? Who cares anymore!? They're not going to last with their quality anyway.

    Jack, don't sit it out, just don't spend any money there. Stay outside Ct. in a hotel in... OMG, you'd be surrounded!!!
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    The more companies that move from states that stand against them the better. Yes if they move and take the jobs workers and tax dollars with them that is the best thing that could be done. If manufacturers put the financial screws to to the states the better they will understand who and how many peopl they deal with. Illinois is a toilet and I beg Remington to shut the doors there and move, have the new location set in advance and move. Yes Obama and his thugs will bring in the National Labor Relations board to call it illegal but it is not. Get the hell out of that state and many public, private, and individuals will be more then happy to finance Remington's move.
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    All I can say is here in Virginia we have a Winchester and a Remington (city and village) and we could probably find a Mossberg if they asked.
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    I live in Winchester :) :) :) come here