Mossberg Bug bit me AGAIN!

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    Went to my smith to pick up my 44US (and JM- Thanx for the info on the 44US!) My smith did a very nice D&T job, scope mounted, and will be on the firing line at opening time in the morning. HOWEVER- just before I left, my smith said "If you like old Mossbergs, I have one in some guns I just took in on consignment." Opened his vault, and pulled out a very nice Model 46B (b). Very clean. Made 1947-1949. And 15 minutes earlier, my daughter had just repaid a small loan I had made her- the cash was sitting next to a copy of my C&R license in my wallet. 2 minutes later, $150, signed a copy of my license for my smith, and walked out to the Jeep with my TWO Mossbergs. Oh yeah- Tommorrow is range day fer shure! (its too late for me, save yourself, am up to 10 Mossbergs now!);)

    Next day: back from the range. SWEET ! The 46B shoots where you point it, feeds flawlessly. The 44 US makes 5 rd cloverleafs at 50 meters off the bench. Life is GOOD!
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