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    a few years back i purchased the flyway edition 835. Over the last couple of years i have shot alot of ducks. The gun patterns great for this but the last few times i shot lead shot it would not hold a pattern. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this problem common with using steel? I would like some opinions on what to do. i like the gun and would like to fix the problem. Is the solution in changing to a new choke tube or a new barrel or both? Or maybe it would be better and cheaper to get a different gun to shoot lead. Any one got an opinion on this?
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    I don't hunt, but have read up on chokes. many choke directions state that they are often better suited for steel OR lead, but usually not both. They pattern differently, depending on the type of shot. I would imagine you just need to change out chokes. But again, someone with actual duck hunting experience may have a better answer.

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    835 choke tubes and steel shot!

    The original choke tubes made for the Mossberg 835 were too soft for steel shot and did and will groove the metal and make your pattern go array. I do have one or two that will stand up to your punishment if interested?
    e-mail me at [email protected]