Mossberg 590 Shockwave Nightstick

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    Were I going to have one, I would want a 20 ga.

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    I like it in 12G, but I do agree with you and everyone else that it will take more practice to be proficient with it. I've gotten really good with my Maverick 88 28" Barrel and I'm fairly accurate with it. And this is after less then a dozen boxes of shells or so. I got good at loading it, racking the pump, got used to the bead sites, the old school way of loading each shell manually, having a really good body form and a solid grip of the weapon. All those things made me profficent with my Maverick 88.

    And the same way I train with my shotgun, I train with my pistol either dry or live fire. This way you get really involved and connected with your weapon and you know every square inch of it (or at least the weapon you use the most).

    So the same thing applies to my new shotgun. I'll watch more YT videos on the shockwave, but the fact that the OVL is just a little over 26" and its so small and compact makes me wanna get it.

    I practice all the time (dry pactice) with my pistol and sometimes with my shotgun (usually after I'm done shooting) and got really used to both, proficient, and put quite a bit of battle scars on them. Same goes for my .22

    I'll hold both the Mossberg 500 and 590 shockwave at my LGS, and I'll know just by playing with it there my heart will tell me which one it really desires. :D

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    And all he folks that had bump stocks had letters from the ATF saying they were good.... until Vegas happened. Like I said, one mass shooting with one of those away from them becoming a “loop hole” that needs closing. Besides I have no need for one.
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    When it comes to mass shootings and the initial response from the anti-gun politicians, it leads me into Alex Jones territory into thinking these shooters are not just lone nutcases, but rather something else. You know something staged by a certain group of people who will use emotional tactics to achieve their goal of public disarmament.
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