Mossberg 535 Help!!

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    Any help is greatly apprieciated.

    First post, please excuse me. :D

    My buddy has a Mossberg 535 12 ga. He never took care of it, never cleaned it, so on and so forth. It was having the problem of the slide not wanting to come back without a substantial amount of force so i took it apart, cleaned it, fixed the problem. However I went to shoot the gun, and the trigger would not pull. The "hammer" will not cock either. So I took the whole trigger assembly out and everything. BIG mistake. I have no earthly clue on how to get it back together. I also took the safety out and a little BB looking thing fell out. I have no idea how to fix this gun so I was wondering if you guys knew how and could tell me, or do like a picture tutorial, maybe even just a picture of the trigger assembly itself would help me find a place to start.

    Thanks a lot for any input.

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    If I were you I would put all the parts in a box and take them to the local gunsmith. Safest thing to do in my opinion.

    He should be able to inspect and reassemble the gun in about 15 minutes. Be nice and he may even show you how to break it down and reassemble it.
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