Mossberg 500 w/ thumbhole stock

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    Recently purchased mine over the summer with Bday Cash, some of you may remember my earlier post. Anywho, to anyone who has wondered about this setup.... I've fallen in love. The pump, the sight-up, the adjustment, the shot, everything feels smoother with it.

    As for the gun itself, It's a Mossberg, plain and simple. A shell popping, lead slinging, tough-as-nails workhorse. I've well over a thousand rounds through the beast, with absolutely no misfires. And all these shots were accurate, including the 75-100 shots put up on trap shooting with the family (fun as hell by the way).

    My only minor complaint is that the safety is slightly harder to reach with the different stock. But, it is still a wonderful set up. Look into it if interested and feel it out. You won't be dissapointed.

    For anyone who has one of these, is there anyway i could get a side saddle or forend mounted shell carrier with this? Brands and models are appreciated!

    Stay safe and happy holidays!

    Happy holidays, and stay safe!

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    I'm using the esstac 7 shell velcro cards, just added some industrial velcro from walmart on the side of my receiver and ready to go!