Mossberg 500 Shotguns - Sorry I found 5 More Quiz Questions!

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    Mossberg 500 Shotguns - Sorry I found 5 More Quiz Questions!
    I am semi-retired and I am taking a self-passed and self-taught Armorers course on Mossberg 500 Shotguns. I hope to become a part-time light Gunsmith in the future.

    There are over 60 quiz questions covering this firearm and I have answered most of them. During my study and research I am having some problems related to some of the following quiz questions. Either I am not sure of the correct answer or I have conflicting answers.

    Can you help me determine the correct answers for these few real final 5 quiz questions? Please correct my answers if I am wrong.

    Thanks for your help.

    Note #23. Positive firing pin protrusion is defined as
    a) the amount that the firing pin is mechanically shoved forward
    b) the maximum amount that the firing pin can protrude

    Note #24. Mossberg's spec for positive protrusion is
    a) .040" to .055"
    b) .055" to .070"
    c) .065" to .085"

    Note #25. When installing the sear back into the trigger housing, the notch should
    a) face to the left side of the trigger housing
    b) face to the right side of the trigger housing
    c) face upwards
    d) face down

    Note #26. A special tool must be used to install what gun parts?
    a) The sear and trigger bar/disconnector
    b) The sear spring and action lock disconnector spring
    c) Action lock and trigger
    d) The trigger bar/disconnector and safety detent plate

    Note #27. The cartridge stops go into the receiver before or after the trigger housing?
    a) before
    b) after
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    A a b a just guesses.
    You gonna post the correct answers?

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    Hey @Hoppy74, Let us know how you did on the Mossberg 500 Shotguns quiz.
  4. Hoppy74

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    Yes, I will when I get them!
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    your taking the test why are we giving you the ansers? think you need to hit the books
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    Yeah, doesn't getting your answers off the interweb kinda violate the spirit of the test?