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    I had to trade off my S&W 629(didn't have to) but I have creditors after me and where I live handguns are registered so I didn't want the chance of it being found and seized and sold at a police auction for 100 bucks( I am probably wrong but I didn't wanna that that chance), so I made a trade and the gun store gave me $525 store credit on the revolver and I made an impulse buy as my next HD weapon, and the Mossberg 500 Mariner they had for $490 caught my eye so I bought it, and I also got a 175 round case of 00 buckshot to go with it.Anyways, I have no experience with Mossberg and it seems different from the 870 I used to have, so let me ask you guys this, is it normal for the gun to have to be pumped like you are angry for it to cycle the next round?Seemed like the 870 would cycle even when cycled gently.I also noticed that loading is just plain smoother on the 500 and that has nothing to do with not having a loading gate, it just seems smoother.Any other quirks I should know about on this gun?

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    In time it will become smooth,did you clean her lube her up yet?

    "You Did Good"

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    No, I didn't clean it up yet, just a little oil in there to try to get it going, I will clean it asap.
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    Yes the mossbergs are supossed to sound like that i have both an 870 and a 500. the remington is smooth sounds like coooooook coooook ! The mossberg is more like a shhhhhhk shhhhhhk they are both good guns but if the Remingtons extractor on the inside breaks it has to be pin welded in by the factory also remington was bought out by cerburus so the quality isnt the same as the good ol Remington's good thing you got the mossberg. The exractor can be easily replaced if it was ever broken the mossberg is alot looser allowing dirt to escape as opposed to the remingtons tighter build the remington is more like an ar15 and the mossberg is more like am ak47 they are both good guns but the mossberg will keep on chuggin so will remington but its a bit more finicky since it has one extractor the mossberg has 2 if you shoot shells with brass through the Remington the brass will expand and you will not be able to extract the shell mossburg has 2 extractors so that will rarely happen i love both the 870 and the mossberg but if it had to be used for combat or jungle survival id have to take the 500 remington 870 would be my hunting or sporting shotgun both are fine
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    The one I'm used to, is smooth as butter. However it was dredged up from a pond bottom, and gone through. Best rabbit gun there ever was. ( to me at least)

    Give her some love and it'll be golden. You've got a great gun there.
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    I been thinking of laying down the rifle and maybe deer hunting with some sabot slugs with a long rifled deer barrel.Does Mossberg even make a mariner barrel other than the 18.5" and 20" smoothbores, and couldn't I just slap a blued barrel on it? I can't find an example anywhere of a blue barrel on a mariner so I keep trying to imagine if that would be attractive or hideous.
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    The deer won't care.
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    How very true. i don't think the last one I shot ever cared aboiut the fact that it was shot with a 20 gauge slug out of a 60 plus year old Mossberg 185 d instead of a nice shiny all parts matching gun. I know I would care about the look of the gun far less than the fact that I was getting shot at. :mad::eek:

    If you go to the range and practice enough, you will not need a slug barrel. Use the old Foster style slugs in your current barrel, and learn what the direction and difference is between the POI and the POA. If you know that you gun shoots 2 inches right and 3 inches high at 60 yards, adjust your POA 2 inches left and 3 inches low. This method, (Kentucky Windage) has been used successfully in my area (Shotgun and pistol only until 3 years ago) for close to 80 years. Practice with your Mariner and you will be able to hit what you are (not) aiming at when the time comes.