Mossberg 500 Action Slide Tube Sizes

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    Hello All,

    I am looking to replace the forend on my 500, however I am finding it difficult to get information regarding the slide tube.

    My Mossberg has a 5 round Magazine (holds up to 5, 3" shells). The forend it came with does not have the Action Slide tube assembly built into the forend, like other models I have seen. It appears to be plastic all the way around the Mag. The slide arms are attached directly to the forend. (based on the research I've done for this particular issue, this is the way the Post 2006 Mossberg 500's are).

    I am in the process of purchasing a whole new forend set, including a full action slid assembly, but am not sure what size Slide Assembly I need to purchase. Is the size of the Slide tube based of the capacity of my Magazine? Or is it based off the size of the forend? Are the Mag Size and Slide Tube Size related?

    Anyhow, that is my little issue. Hope I can get some help and thanks in advance!
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    There are two different lengths for the Model 500.Prior to 1973 all action slide tube assy. utilized a length of 7-3/4". In 1993 production changes, changed over to a tube length of 6-3/4" in all gauges. There is more info at Brownell under the Gun Techtab, then go to FAQ. On left side of page is listed parts&materials, click on shotguns.

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    Boyds also has good info on their website about this. The short answer is buy a forearm you like and then order a slide tube to fit it. The 6 3/4 will fit most aftermarket forends. Slide tubes ARE specific to the guage of the gun.