Mossberg 500 .410?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by fatmidgets, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. fatmidgets

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    I know very little about shotguns, and I am in interested in buying this gun. I have shot .410s and 20 gauges, so I am EXTREMELY comfortable with the caliber. I am going to use it for squirrel hunting with my uncle and grandfather (who use single shots), and I thought this seemed like the ultimate bang 4 my buck. I saw one in Walmart for $227, and it would be somewhere around $245.89 with tax. So I am just wondering how reliable of a weapon it is, and some info on the weight would be nice
  2. gmaster456

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    Not exactly sure on the weight but you can check on mossbergs website I believe. As for the reliability of the Mossberg 500, its one of the most reliable shotguns of all time, its even used by our Military and is the only pump action shotgun to pass their stringent 3443 testing. Take care of it and it will last you a lifetime.

  3. Magnaiter

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    I've had my Mossberg 500 going on 6 years never no problem so far "knock on wood" I use it a lot for predator hunt'n an home defense, it has an 18 1/2" barrel but shoot'n blackcloud aamo makes a good kill out bout 40 yards , mayb further but have killed many with this load up close an 40 bout my max shot so far. If the barrel was longer it would reach out there but going with a Mossberg a man can't go wrong.