Mossberg 20ga for SHTF/bug out kit?

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    So I'm been assembling my 'Bug out' bag and Its got to the point to where I now need to consider my options for a viable firearm.

    When I say SHTF I mean a realistic scenario; Natural disaster, wide spread disease/biological contamination, governmental collapse and etc. In the very worst scenario (no power, limit or no law enforcement, and etc) I will no doubt be heading north, thus essentially living of the land until things get better.

    Because of this, I've been considering my options for a firearm that'll suit me. I'm looking for something that is more practical for hunting and survival than defense. The way I figure, any firearm I train with can become a devastating self defense firearm so I'm not too worried about that. I'm not fighting hordes of Zombies here....

    I also want something cheap (broke college student) so below $400. I also prefer something light as I would be mostly on foot.

    I'm not into the assault rifle craze and have been considering more tradition routes.

    I've been really interested in the Marlin 30-30 lever action. But then my dad offered me his old 20ga Mossberg 500 shorty for $100 ( with 18.5 in and 24in barrels and olive full stock) . I'm half tempted to purchase instead of the Marlin 30-30 because of the price tag.

    But I'm concerned it will be ineffective for what I need it for (being a short ranged firearm system). So my question is, would you suggest a Mossberg 20ga for SHTF purposes, specially hunting for both large and small game? I've considered both, but thats a lot of weight and bulk to carry around
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  2. orangello

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    I'd rather have my Mossy 12 guage, but a 20 with those two barrels would be pretty darned good. One great thing about the shotties is the variety of ammo; you would want some buckshot for defense & large animals and some #4 shot for squirrels & rabbits. The major downside is the weight. I've never used a slug in a 20, but they are available and would be just devastating from that 18.5" barrel.
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  3. dunerunner

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    I would not recommend the shotty (personal preference). I would, however recommend a good .22LR semi, pump, bolt or lever rifle. Good for small game and survival, inappropriate for self defense in a SHTF or Natural disaster situation. For me the AR-15 is versatile enough to cover all SHTF scenarios, again; my personal preference. The AR has good range at 100 yards and beyond, it is good for small to medium sized game animals with the right ammunition. Ammo is readily available. When you run out of 20 gauge, your back to building your own bow, setting snares, or using a rock and sling.

    I would recommend a 12 gauge shotty as a secondary weapon along with a reliable 9MM semi-automatic pistol.
  4. CaseyChadwell

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    I think the 20 is more than adequate for what you have described. Many deer have fallen to a 20 guage slug and many squirrels and rabbits have been cooked because of the 20. There are better options out there, but if that is what you can afford, than by all means buy it, train with it and love it.:D