Mossberg 185D care and repair..

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    I have a Mossberg 185D that was handed down to me from my father. The gun is in fair condition but needs some TLC. First issue is the bolt, one of the extractors is broken and I have found a supplier for this part. The second issue is the barrel. There is some slight rust on the barrel. What is the best process to restore the finish of the barrel without damaging it, and devaluing the gun.

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    Greetings, fellow Mossberg addict! We now have a 12 step program- step 1 is box up all your Mossy .22s and send them to ME! :p

    Just for future needs, Vic & Cheryl Havlin at for anything Mossberg. Really nice folks, good source of parts and info, they also run the Mossberg Collectors Assoc- and Vic used to work for Mossberg.

    Re: Rust. Weeeeeellll- Bluing IS controlled rusting, so anything that fully removes rust (like Naval Jelly) also removes bluing.

    For light surface rust- remove action from wood. Wet generously with a good light oil (product called KROIL is best penetrant oil I know of) Let it soak in for a day. Use a clean cloth (burlap works) wet with oil. Rub. When cloth gets dirty, shift to a clean spot- rust on cloth is more abrasive than cloth. Keep damp with oil, rub until arm falls off. Repeat with other arm. It is amazing how much you can do with a very low tech approach.

    Heavy rust- same soak with penetrant oil. Use a COPPER Chore Boy pot scrubber, dampened with oil. Be sure it is not copper plated steel. Rub gently. Follow up with coarse cloth oil routine. Will remove copper that has transferred to gun.

    Pitting- nothing removes it- metal has gone bye bye. Use penetrant oil to stop rust, chore boy to remove loose rust.

    There are other techniques, but they can damage bluing. Easy does it, take your time. elbow grease and patience.

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    Thanks C3,

    This is the only "old" gun that I have, all the other guns I own I have bought new since about 2002 and on. Ive kept them clean and oiled so never had to deal with rust.

    The good news is the rust is very very light some a was able to rub of with my finger. No pitting thank goodness! Ill pick up a good penetrant oil and get started this weekend.
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    For light rust I prefer to use Kroil and 0000 steel wool. Then touch it up with Oxpho Blue available from