Mossberg 151M-B

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    Hi All. I'm new to the forum, and to rifles in general. I've had a handgun for a while, but just got my hands on two beautiful "hand-me-downs" thank to my girlfriend. Her grandmother gave her two rifles that her grandfather used to own. One of those is the Mossberg 151M-B .22LR rifle. I can't wait to shoot a classic like this.

    I took it to a gunsmith and had ti stripped, cleaned, lubed, and given a clean bill of health.

    The only thing I'm worried about is choosing the right type of ammo. I picked up a box of Winchester .22LR hollow points without thinking that there might be an issue shooting hollow points in this gun. Does anyone know if there are issues with hollowpoints in this fun?
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    Atlas, welcome to the forum and if you get time, stop by the "Introduction Section" and let us know a little about yourself.

    The only issue is whether that rifle shoot S=short, L=longs, LR=long rifle .22 cartridges. This information should be stamped on the barrel. Hollow points should not pose a problem as long as you are using the proper size cartridge.

    Good Luck, Hunter Joe
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    Good solid surprisingly accurate rifles. Stay away from the utra high velocity stuff- Not dangerous, just accelrates wear on rifle. My mossys like Federal Champion Target Standard Velocity. Dang near match amount at $20/ 500 rounds. Hollowpoints not a problem- nor are they especially useful except for hunting.

    Mossberg info: Mossberg 22 LR Models and Specifications
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    702 plinkster

    i bought this rifle several years ago for my sons is a tack driver. to days mission clay pigeons at 133 yards