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  1. mrwhledr

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    So I am interested in a hunting rifle and these seem way to reasonable as far as price goes. I have read some quality reviews on this rifle and wanted to get every ones opinions on this model. It comes in .270 and 30-06 so I am tossed between the two. Is this rifle worth thinking about and if so which caliber should I go with?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    The 30-06 will generate more energy because it shoots heavier bullets. The .270 shoots lighter bullets at a flatter trajectory. Also, the 30-06 is supposed to be the most versatile as far as hunting goes, but it also has the most recoil. My personal choice of the two, if I only got one, would be the 30-06 because you can buy a great variety of loads over the counter, and .30-06 is the most popular hunting cartridge, so I would expect a larger variety of loads for it and any place that sells ammo should have it. You can buy loads from the "accelerator" 55 grain sabot bullet for coyotes, up to 220 grains for elk and moose. For the price of the 100ATR, it's worth it, although it may not be your last hunting rifle.


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    The 270 and 30-06 are the main stays of american hunting. Just pick one and go with it. Either will kill anything in North America.

    The 100 atr is not a top of the line rifle. That being said it will hold MOD (Minute Of Deer) and for a hunting rifle that is all that matters.
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    The Mossberg is a nice rifle and should serve you well. I personally would choose the 30-06. As already stated, your choice of over the counter ammo will fit any hunting situation. If you re-load, your choices are even more vast.

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    Where are you at, and what are you going to be hunting? If it's meant for deer and smaller game, get the .270. It'll shoot slightly flatter & kick less than the 30-06. If you think bigger game such as elk are in the future, the 30-06 is what you need between the 2.

    I've personally seen 2 bolt handles come loose on the Mossberg so my choice for an economy rifle would be the Marlin XL-7/XS-7. Still selling for about 300$ they perform much better than you would expect from a 300$ rifle. They have great triggers too.