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  1. wst tx hunter

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    how many of you have shot a mossberg maverick 88? i have never shot one but handled one at academy the other day,it felt kinda cheap. i know that at one time it was just maverick firearms located somewhere in TX . did mossberg buy them out and put thier name on them to get into the low end market? about $170.00 at academy.
  2. robocop10mm

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    The Maverick 88's are made in Eagle Pass. The only difference is the location of the safety. The 500 has a tang mounted safety, the 88 has a traditional pushbutton safety on the trigger group.

    I do not care for the Mossys but I would not consider the Maverick to be infererior to a 500.

  3. FCross7

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    If your used to the "tight" feel of the slide on something like an 870, a Mossberg or Maverick may feel cheap at first, but that's just the way they are made. I have both a Remmy 870 and Mossberg 500, both are great guns, but the slide on the Mossberg has more, I guess you could call it play, from side to side than the 870. It's not that they're cheap, just the way they're made.

  4. M14sRock

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    I have an 88 that I got from a friend with several boxes of good shells for $50. He bought it during the '92 LA riots and never used it.

    I've fired it, but not very much. Maybe 100 rds? It works. It is smooth like a Mossberg. And it is reliable.

    I prefer 870's and High Standards, but the 88 is a High Standard design and works just fine.
  5. Highpower

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    I have an eighteen inch Maverick 88 (full stock) that I keep as the "house" gun.
    The first time I shot it after purchasing, the action did feel kind of.... "sloppy". But after a couple boxes of shells I felt more confident in the gun since it proved to be quite reliable.

    My reasoning for selecting the Maverick was that I know that if I ever had to use the gun, it would most likely be taken away - never to return again. I wouldn't loose any sleep over the cost of the gun.... ;)

    I have no doubt the 88 can get the job done. (#4 buck...)
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    I have a 88 for home defense. I have a Knoxx top-folding stock because of the lightweight of the gun it will recoil hardcore especially if your putting in buck or slugs through it. I've put over 100 rounds through mine and it's a beauty.