Mosin Sticking Bolt

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by KalashnikovBlood, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I have had an issue lately with my dads Mosin. The bolt sticks when it is fired. You practically have to beat it open which is very annoying. Any ideas on how to get it to stop sticking? Thank you all take care
  2. GLKmiester

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    I've heard that this can be caused by a pitted chamber. The brass will expand into the pits and get stuck. I've heard of guys beating their bolt handles with deadblow hammers to get them unstuck.

  3. JonM

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    was the bolt ever disassembled and the cosmo removed?? the bolts need to be taken apart and cleaned frequently. if its having difficulty extracting a round and your using surplus ammo then your probably experiencing lacquer build up from the steel cases. lacquer from steel cases will adhere to the chamber and cause the bolt to have a difficult time extracting.

    to clean it take a short cleaning rod and a power drill on low setting use a nylon brush for a 20ga shotgun. wrap the brush with some deleading wool dip it in some hoppes #9 and spin it slowly in the chamber for 20-30 seconds wipe it out. make sure there are no pieces of debris left in the chamber.

    problem should be solved.

    mosin 91/30 doesnt have a chrome chamber so lacquer buildup with 1950's on surplus ammo is a real issue. the best way to avoid buildup is to not over heat the rifle or use brass cased ammo or clean the chamber more often.

    whatever you do dont beat the bolt handle. stick a cleaning down the bore put the bolt in the open position aplly moderate level of force opening the bolt and drop the cleaning rod in it will act sorta like a impact wrench and after a few drops will dislodge te case. beating the bolt can easily damage the extractor and a new extractor is almost the price of a whole rifle!!
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  4. vincent

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    What Jon said +1 Other quick fixes can be looked up on youtube or you can try this...

    1-After the shot,pull back on the cocking knob, then work the bolt, it's an extra step but it's not like the rifle was designed for quick follow up shots.

    2-Assuming you're a the bolt with your left hand, if gives you a little more leverage, just watch out for your right thumb...:eek:

    3-Tie the bolt to your truck, drop it into 4 low, pull away every time!!! :D

    The MN's are notorious for the "sticky bolt", so if it's too much of a problem, hell, just go buy another one!!!
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    painted/coated ammo and a dirty chamber are the leading cause of the MN sticking bolt. lacquer thinner on cotton balls helps clean the coatings off of the ammo but the chamber and lug socket needs extra cleaning to work flawlessly.