Mosin problem.

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    I have a problem with my Mosin. When I first bought it I had shot 12 rounds with no problem. The next time I shot it I loaded one round and it shot just fine but when I tried to eject the shell the bolt was locked up. With some help from a hammer I unjammed it. So I took it home and cleaned it thinking maybe I didn't clean it well enough after the last time I shot it, even though I clean all my guns thoroughly after shooting. The next day I take it out again. I try to load a round and as it's almost all the way in the chamber it stops. It's like it had swollen shut a tad bit. I've oiled it time and time again but still yet nothing. My uncle told me he had the same issue with one of his rifles. It was a 223. He used the cheap Russian ammo like I did. He told me that the cheap Russian ammunition is coated with water resistant laminate. So when the shell heats up the water proof crap gets sticky and if you don't eject the shell fast enough the stuff will stick to the chamber. He said they're made mainly for semi autos. He just started shooting brass cased rounds after that and it wouldn't jam anymore. I haven't done anything with it yet. I was wondering if any of you have had this issue and if it can be fixed. Any info helps.
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    And also, the rounds I shot are Russian Wolf with the bimetal case.

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    Sounds like the issue is not with the rifle it is with the ammunition. Some European steel case rounds have a varnish type coating. This does heat up and after several rounds can coat the inside of the chamber. It takes vigorous cleaning and some strong solvent to get it out. You can do a normal cleaning and it won't budge. As it builds up the chamber becomes tighter and tighter until finally nothing works. I would do a complete cleaning of the chamber of your rifle and go get you one box of good ammunition from a reputable company. If it works well you have diagnosed your problem.
    Bottom line you normally get what you pay for quality wise!

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    My Mosin does the same thing with that type of ammo. But brass cases run like butter. It is your ammo. My reloads are awesome. If you search the internet you will find people joking about it. They say they always bring a 2x4 with them to beat the bolt open.

    Best thing it to use the good stuff. If you reload it is cheaper than buying surplus anyway.
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    My friend was having issues with him. I kept telling him to stop being a girl with it and cycle the bolt like a man. He was having issues with it for a good 2 minutes and I took it and cycled it like a man just fine. I will have to let him know about the issues with the ammo though. My other friend has one and his bolt cycles so smoothly but the 1st one I was talking about has a hideous rough cycle. Oh well, you get what you pay for.
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    "Sticky bolt syndrome" is a common complaint for Mosin owners. Google it and look at the results. Most likely cause of your problem is a dirty chamber.
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    Using brass and lacquered is like night and day in mine... Im just getting into reloading.. I pulled some surplus x54r to make Arisaka ammo and it was so inconsistant.. Bullet and charge weights varied as much as 1 grain..
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    The best thing you can do is either use surplus ammo, or brass ammo. The surplus ammo is as cheap as it gets, and it is copper washed instead of lacquer coated. I haven't had a problem out of mine.
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    It's the cosmoline, I had the same problem with my 91/30, until I took some JB bore bright to the chamber, works like a charm now, follow the link to this video, guy shows you exactly how to remedy the problem,


    It's a bolt action rifle it shouldn't be picky about what ammo it feeds, I can shoot what ever ammo I like out of mine now, surplus Czech silver tip(lacquer coated steel) , surplus Russian (copper washed steel), Silver Bear Soft Points(nickle plated bi-metal), Brown Bear FMJ(lacquer coated bi-metal), Tulammo FMJ(polymer coated bi-metal), Winchester White Box Soft Point(Brass), I get the best accuracy of of the Brown Bear FMJ, Enjoy your mosin!
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    What he said. The Russian mix for cosmolime includes some bees wax that most solvents won't get out.
    The melting point of the lacquer on the cases is really high and it would take a lot of rounds to generate enough heat to melt it to the point of sticking in your chamber. But the bees wax will melt after a few rounds and cool off and harden pretty fast too.

    Also make sure when you lean the gun after use, ghat you use a solvent that will neutralize corrosive salts that can be left behind after using Russian ammo.
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    The best and the most successful way to clean the chamber on a Mosin is; take a 20 guage brass bore brush on a cleaning rod and an electric drill. Use any bore cleaner and brush the hell out of it then clean as usual. This will not hurt the rifle. Your Grand Pa is right it is the laquer, and the casing does get hot enough to melt the laquer so it sticks to the less hot chamber. I had sticky bolt syndrom when I bought my first Mosin but it will shoot any ammo now. I use the cheap laquered ammo most of the time so I need to do this again but it has been about 300 rounds since I've done it. You can try all the other remedies but you will eventually end up doing this.
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    You wouldn't had to pull the 7.62x54R to make brass for the 7.7 Arisaka, simply use 30-06 brass, pass in die one time, trim and you are in business. load with .312 pills
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    BTW, IME these "chamber cleanings" usually take a couple of

    range trips to melt out all the Cosmoline. It helps to bring rags

    to the range.
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    Another vote for polishing the chamber with a variable speed drill and a worn out brass shotgun brush. I lubricate the brush with kerosene or mineral spirits.
    I also do this with my single shot shotguns and they now eject the empty almost over my shoulder.