mosin nagent 91/30 scope mount

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by waxman895, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. waxman895

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    at a presidents day sale i got a 91/30 for 80$, i mean come on for that cheap with the way the world is going i couldnt refuse, plus i can get 20 rounds for 5-10$ which is better then my deer rifle (.303) which is 30-35 for 20 rounds but my question is im looking for a scope mount that replaces the rear sight and does anyone know where i could find one CHEAPLY, since the ammo is 7.62x54 it is large enough to take deer hunting so im thinking about changing to just to do it but i do not wnat to drop a boat load of cash on a scope and mount when i only paid 80 for the gun itself
  2. RevDerb

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    Look on gunbroker. I saw several there last night. Search Mosin Nagant.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    $79.00 shipped from the manufacturer. No hassle if there is an issue. Bottom of page.
    Don't buy the scout mount, get the dual purpose.
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    i got a 10 dollar picatinny rail off of ebay, but the fit was not exact and i had to file it a bit to make it work. it is solid now though.

    you can do a quick google search for them and come up with a ton of results.

    i would advise you get one that is not the cheapest like i did. instead of the 10 dollar one maybe go in the 20-40 dollar range.

    after that you can get a cheap but usable long eye relief scope for around 50 bucks with rings included. that will get you an inexpensive scout scope setup.

    i prefer the one that sits farther back over the receiver myself, but if you do that type you have to alter the bolt handle or get a new bolt body altogether, which is a little cost prohibitive for this gun.

    like you said the rifle itself is so cheap you don't want to go too crazy on the scope setup.

    and the scout scope setup, although a little weird to shoot through for me personally, is pretty accurate once you get it dialed in.
  5. mudslinger79

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    Try they carry a lot for the mosin. I can't wait to scope mine!
  6. waxman895

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    alright ill check em all out thanks for your help!