Mosin Nagant

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    So i wanted to mod a a gun since i just did a restoration so i was thinking of a cheap like $80 mosin with a crappy stock that i'd replace with black synthetic and i wanted to chrome plate the entire gun except the rifling inside the barrel because i know this wouldn't work on a mil surp rifle, but i have 2 questions, will the chrome plating stiffen up the action and should i go nickel or chrome? I don't want a pimp feel to it, more of a light two tone to make an old gun a piece of art. I just don't know if nickel plating is shiny enough because i want a little reflection, but not a mirro finish, if any one has a good link to a close up of a nickel plated firearm that would be great can't find a close up on google.
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    Chrome and nickel will be shinny or matte based on the underlying surface prep of the metal. Most guns you think are chrome are actually high polished nickel. Yes, it will tighten an action. In fact you can solve headspace issues by plating a bolt face with nickel. If you want a shiny drill gun then you have to polish the hell out of it. Think 400 grit or higher. If brushed is ur thing, then polish it first and then run it through a wire wheel. If you dig satin, then just bead blast it. Then finish you get depends on your pre metal prep.

    You would be best served in mixing the metal prep up a little. High polish nickel on a rifle you actually plan on shooting is not very desirable due to glare, and super undesirable for hunting. But if you just want it shiny because its different have at it. If you tighten the action too much you can always just re lap it.